Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fire Pit...

Late evening tasks in the yard make us use our new fire pit more often these days. 

I needed a mental break more than a physical break the other night! After two drooling days of workshops, and had mentally drained all my energy. I could not think any more and I was tired. 

Purchasing few books from the work shop have added a new task to my agenda but  kind of looking forward to it. As the presenter explained it should be tools to aid kids in the classroom!

I sat down to watch the fire, dance, crackle of the burning wood, smoked air, buzzing of the bugs, little Nicolette’s joy, teasing her brother, inviting him to chase her, and Niegel’s swift attempts to keep the fire burning. 

Watching the wood burn adds a bit of a charm to our yard on this late evening. There is a un explainable calmness in the air! The swaying of the branches worry me sudden growth of fire might catch the branches. Feel like my brain is exercising again, which I am happy to enjoy again!

Getting use to this unusual energy. Which brings when we lit the fire place is all too new to me and to kids but, it gives us a reason to be prepared  to fast approaching school year! I am looking forward for this school year! 

How do you handle the chaos of end of Summer and the beginning of FALL!


  1. This looks so soothing. Something that I need... It is strange that watching fire has sometimes calm you down.

  2. It just adds a nice element to our yard...