Friday, April 4, 2014

Fresh eggs to bake from a co -worker

I got this wonderful recipe to make coffee cake and the rest was history. I had too much to catch up this weekend with friends and I think I over baked the  coffee cake but it was gone. 

It was so good and I might bake this again but don’t know about the fresh eggs. I might get lucky again but they were the best eggs I had after a long time. I use to buy fresh eggs from the farmers market in Leesburg, VA.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spaghetti Dinner at School

Nicolette has been highly excited about her spaghetti dinner at school. It was really a very special night for her. We were invited to her school to have a spaghetti dinner and a recital of poems with a celtic dance. 

We enjoyed it very much and at the end there was a father daughter dance. I enjoyed very much. Nicolette was fighting a bug to be at the dinner. However it was her very special day, that she has been asking almost everyday when is the spaghetti dinner.  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Time to plan

There has been a great silence in this blog during the month of March. Mainly I have been extremely  busy with life in way it is a good thing. On top of that I have been sick catching something from work despite all my effort to be germ free. Ha kind of a funny statement when you work in a school. I think I am bound to get sick. After a very busy week little Nicolette got sick with a stomach bug, and then it was me I do not know what it is. I felt it was a cross between a bad allergy attack and a cold. However my joints have been aching lately.

I still can’t find time to roam around and do nothing how miserable I am, now that just me. If I am not sleeping I am doing something. One thing for sure this spring and summer I will not be spending time online. Yes, it was way too much time for browsing this winter. 

Despite all my effort I was able to plan my garden. I am not a cubit fan but I get my seeds from the local hardware store, at times from the grocery store, and occasionally from the nursery close to my house. Some plans are underway to building the compost and adding a new planting bed for little Nicolette. I am very excited to see how she wants to plant her garden.

We will be reading many gardening books this season!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Vernal Pools

I was happy to take a break from all things happening and tuck away a precious time with my daughter to discover nature. We both went to presentation on wetlands in other words on vernal pools. It was very informative for both of us. We are planning to go again in two weeks time so we can really listen to wonders of nature. We learned so much that vernal pools are ideal temporary locations for amphibians and reptiles. These pools could dry out completely during summer and some might retain water if it has a thick cover above it. Tuck in thick woods.When it dries out completely, animals move up -land to make their homes and come back when they are adults to lay eggs. 

We saw few of vernal pools in the Middleboro area, and it was still covered with snow but it was so neat. We are at the tale end of our winter and some might not join me on that comment, depending on this winter we are experiencing. We have had really a long winter and we are still calling snow for this Tuesday and Wednesday.
I took advantage of sudden change in the temperature from low 30 degrees to upper 59 degrees and enjoyed the wetland presentation and the walk in the woods and learned a lot. Additionally, on a side note I was highly impressed with bunch of home schoolers, and  how enthusiastic they were to learn about vernal pools. We did not had any instruments or tools to explore pools but it was fun. I truly believe learning is fun!

We learned about so many amphibians and few reptiles which are native to MA, like Fowlers’s Toad, Marble Salamander, Black silver snake, and many frogs that I could not keep track of. I am highly motivated to have few frog eggs in my class so children could see the development. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Blueberry Muffins

Little Nicolette loves to have bake goodies at home. She loves to help me to make them when possible. Opportunity to bake with her is always fun. Her measuring skills are getting better and coordination has improved a lot. From getting ingridients to seriously taking part in assembling the final product has become her favorite part of the weekend. I am planning to do more during the coming weeks. 

Lately, going to starbucks has become a habit. I wanted to take control over. When I go to coffee shop I had to buy a treat for little one too. I wish many times I am preppared with a afternoon snack when I  pick her up. I am getting better but it does take effort. Past few weeks I have been cutting fruits and placing them in containers so she could have something on the way home. 

She loves the blueberry muffing at the coffee shop and the morning buns. This was a great recipe I found and they were delicious everyine enjoyed them. This summer we will be freezing some of the blueberries from the local farm. 

We save the blueberry muffins for this week more baking adventures to come soon

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Birdsnest plant

I can’t wait till spring, the first day of spring is going to be this Thursday and I am very excited about it. Being able to work in the yard and plan garden is something I am looking forward this year. I have not look at any of the seeds catalogs, but would love to get my hands on them soon. 

I always question myself when planting a year old seeds, but always had luck with them. I am planting a square foot garden this season with some new experimental vegetables.

When I was at the grocery store I could not help pass this beautiful birdsnest plant. It was simply gorgeous more than anything it was green. I will be taking few pictures of my spring garden. Can’t wait any more to see the spring blooms. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Split Pea Soup

I am a bit behind with posts this month mainly; because, I have been sick during this past week. I do not know what to blame the weather or working with children, but this winter has been better comparing last year. 

I decided to make split pea soup, since we had few bags of peas. This was a delicious soup and very filling. To my surprise every one except for dad loved it. This is sure to be in our menu in near future.