Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I remember growing up I did not have much options with headbands, although do remember having long hair when I was in elementary school. My mother use to braid it and tie my hair with ribbon and it supposed to be black for school purposes. I did not like it very much specially the braid would make my hair look funny. Then my mother took me to a hair dresser and chopped it off but very very short. I almost looked like a boy and then I hated my hair. I remember going to hair dresser as a very bad experience because it usually gets chopped off short.

Because of my past experinces with hair dressers I am extra careful when it comes to Nicolette’s hair. Because to begin she has super fine hair definitely not from me. For the longest time she did not had hair on her head when she was a baby. 

I know she wanted to grow her hair and I always make sure to make few hair accessories at home. Whenever I go to the fabric store I always roam through the ribbon section to see new beautiful prints and there are ton of ideas on Pinterest. I bought these few inches of these beautiful embroidery flowers and a ribbon which was embroidered with flowers few weeks back. It was sitting on my sewing table for a long time. It was the perfect snowstorm to take on unfinished tasks. 

She was not feeling well with her tooth coming out and was ready to model the finished headbands. I might make few as gifts to friends. I cannot remember the cost but I had the elastics at home from another project so it was very inexpensive to make these. 

Monday, February 2, 2015


You cannot have these enough, but an easy project to do with your six year old. Just in time for Valentines.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Pillows and Scraps...

I have been collecting fabric scraps for a while from my shop. It has become a major issue for me. Mainly finding places to store them and not having an idea what exactly I want to do with these scraps. 

Recently I stuff them in a bag and placed them on my sewing chair. Then I found out I kind of like the feeling of having fabric filled pillow on my chair. Specially, when I am sewing for an hour without stopping for a break. This is not an idea all new to me I have made one before but someone else uses it now. 

How many pillows I can use at once was another question that I ran into making fabric scrap pillows. Then one of my friends told me that I should try to sell them in my store and specifically classify them as cotton fabric filled, wool filled, and cotton batting filled. I was pondering on this idea for a while. I really did not want to waste the scraps. I sat down one night and made few. I offer couple of pillows to my friend and then she offered them to her friends who are working on desk jobs. Her friends told her that they like them very much and she told me to work on it and try to sell them in my store.

Finally I decided to add them to my store! I love these two pillows specially the print. So we decided to name these pillows back supporting pillows! 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blizzard Juno

The blizzard Juno engulfed us. but the flip side of it was no school and had ton of fun with children. Nicolette was so elated to head outside with neighborhood kids to play. From walking to sledding it was non stop fun. Hot chocolate, and the excitement of not having school was too much to bite once. 

Although the snow was not even packed down to the slope all including kids and adults are making pathways using tubes and sleds. It was fun, cold, and warm afternoon. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The project ended…

Yes, the beautiful paper whites which adorn our home has finished it non stoping blooming. When they wither and fade we know it is time to dismantle this lovely project. However, this year I had so much help in taking this apart. Oldest was very helpful to take them to the compost, and of course we chooses a warm day to complete this task. 

When I was scrubbing the glass hurricane my daughter comes over to watch and I asked her if she would like to help me to scrum the stones  so we can let them dry and put them away. She was happy to be around and definitely to play with the rocks.

These wonderful rocks bring back so many memories, because we have collected them from our trips to beaches and and other fun places. Surprisingly I have few from when my oldest collected them when he was wee little. Yes, and the best part is I could remember them. There is something with rocks that gravitate the smoothness, the color, the locations we collect, the experience that is entangled with bring so much.

To my wonderment while scrubbing each one Nicolette was so happy to categorize them according to the size and color, this kid is so much into organizing and I love watching her.

When everything was scrubbed and cleaned I had to snap few pictures so I can remember this moment. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Mushrooms, Marsala Wine, & Pasta…

I am a huge mushroom fan, well it goes back into decades. I still remember how my mother made the first mushroom dish it not fancy as involvement of marsala wine and an oven. it was simple but tasted great with rice and curry. I might give it a try if I can find the same mushroom which we use gather up from our garden in Sri Lanka. I don't know what exactly that is called. But I wanted to say it is very mush like the oyster mushrooms you could find in a Chinese grocery store. 

But this dish was from Smitten Kitchen. I love her blog and often I make dishes from her blog. which involves cremini mushrooms and marsala wine. I just could not skip it because I had both of these lovely ingredients in hand. 

I loved the creamy texture and it was a great dish to make and leave it in the refrigerator to heat up later. More time read, create, and spend with children. However, next time I make this I would love to incorporate some anchovies and see how it would taste with these lovely creamy combinations. Great recipe to try!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Caramalized Onions and Mushrooms

This is one of the great recopies I found during holidays and made it twice. This looks and taste really good on mashed potatoes. I usually use them as a topping and a side dish. Very easy and simple to make.