Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Homemade Granola

Now that we know how to make yogurt at home we needed to be more creative to find ways to consume all that delicious yogurt. We did made sweet vanilla yogurt. Which was delicious but we want to add granola which was not at home. 

I found this wonderful recipe from a friend. Now we can make this at home and can have a fresh batch always. I love this more than the Trader Joe brand because this had toasted almonds and coconuts yummy. Kids loved it, this was a perfect treat for them in the afternoons. 

It was so easy to made. I did add some dried cranberries to make it a little sweet!
To make it healthy I add olive oil instead of butter few changes to the original recipe but it was GREAT! 


  1. wow.. can it be anymore tastier than the way you made it?? love all the pics, in fact I am craving some granola really bad now. :)

  2. You will not believe it is ALL gone! I have to start another batch!

  3. Granola looks great!!!! We love coconut. Can you post a recipe? Thanks.

  4. Sure... one of these days I am goint to write a detail post on this neat snack we enjoy...