Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jack O Lanterns and Halloween Decor

Finally we carved a jack o lantern and it looks great. The kids are very excited and the candy can make them so giddy they easily forget their little chores. Carving the pumpkin is a new experience for little Nicolette.

We did use a template this year too lazy to be creative. I took all our old decorations to spice up the hallway. My oldest is getting dressed to eat at a certain restaurant. It has been a tradition to get dressed for Halloween in our little family. 

We will be thinking about the people around the world as we trick or treat around the block.  


Sunday, October 28, 2012


I have not been blogging for almost a month. I am a working mom and have been running a pretty busy and tight schedule around the house during this month. October came in a FLASH with good news and some bad news we embraced both with LOVE.That is exactly what we did. 

We took a long road trip almost to the middle of the country, yes to the state of MO for a reason, and a very good reason.

We did not stop by to take pictures, I do regret it sometimes though; during this trip every minute was precious to us. We had a great time together as a family and learned sometimes it is perfectly alright to STOP and see what is around us. 

We ate so much restaurant food we almost got sick. October was definitely in a FAST track this year. This is my very first post for this month. I am glad it is over.

Quote of the day “ acknowledge the connection of all beings