Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Sewing Machines

I do have a story to tell,and this is how it goes. When I was just stepping towards my teenage years. My best friend made a very cool zipper pouch to store pencils in other words a pencil case. I can vaguely remember it was quilted, had an odd shape, but was made with a beautiful fabric. Don’t know much about the odd shape. This lead me to explore my mothers sewing machine. 

I made the same odd shape pencil case. During this course I manage to break few needles, learned how to change needles, learned to attach a zipper the best I can, and above all I learned to work on this project without my mother’s permission. She did had a difficult time to understand why her machine would not work properly for a while. 

Then I learned how to do patchwork for a brief time through my mother in - law. I borrowed a sewing machine from a friend during my first years in US. 

Finally, I bought one for my self. I was not happy with the machine at all. After two attempts on machines. I invested on a Viking. I was so happy with the brand and decided to up grade I have done it twice and I am doing it again this Summer. I still LOVE my current machine (which is on this picture) very much but I am ready for the next level. More to come on my NEW Machine on future posts. 

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