Friday, August 9, 2013

Sewing with Scraps...

I always want to work on quilting. I have painstakingly taken every possible step towards it. I love quilting and have done few projects for my kids and even for ourselves. I remember creating few quilts for my little one from used baby blankets. 

The other day I had few pieces left from a project and I was playing with them. Little Nicolette like to sip my water, tea, sometimes she will get to juice if I am having something at my table. I care less using a coaster at this table; my bits of fabrics lead to creating a small coaster I can use at my craft table. 

At this moment this is how it looks! I can see my self getting hook on this track! 


  1. Nice!
    Quilting, knitting - they dont come easy to me. I have been saving my daughters t-shirts from memorable events/milestones and want to make them into a quilt before she goes off to college. I have a few years to try to figure quilting out :)

  2. Sounds great... I have a friends who has done something like that for her son. You will, I just love anything to do with fabrics

  3. Your photography is so beautiful! I can tell that you're very artistic. :)