Monday, January 28, 2013

The New Space

The new space we created for my work has been helping me a lot. It does create a happy feeling when I fill in my orders. I use to work in many places around the house and place everything in boxes, well I do that part now too. This new place has created a place for me to keep my inventory check is visual reminders. Most of the plastic bins I got from IKEA is helping me to store the finish products. 

I have added some things I have collected over the years. I find it hard to keep the minimalist look with all the things I create. I do strive for this everyday in my life. 

I still have to work on few things. Creating storage can be very tricky with no space. My net project is creating a space for my scrapbooking. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sri Lankan Tradition

This New Year we as a family made a resolution each month on the very first day we are going to cook milk rice. Now, you may wonder if you new to this blog what is Milk Rice. Milk rice is cooked with coconut milk instead of water. It is milky and kind of mushy. In other words it is usually over cooked. 

Normally, we Sri Lankan’s eat it with a spicy curry meat or fish. Some parts of the country makes this simple dish sweet with raisins and adding some other grains such as MUNG. We like this with a spicy sambal. Some occasions we eat this with bananas and sugar. I remember when I was young it was a big hit!

This is what we had on the very first day of this year. It I do it right I should have eleven posts only pictures of this new tradition in our household which is going to happen this year. 


Monday, January 21, 2013

First Day of My School Holidays.

Yes, I was at home from work school and University. It was great to be at home with no work. I really enjoyed it very much. The WORK - School was GREAT I got gifts from parents and a very nice GIFT from all of the parents. 

This Holiday I received a letter from a parent which brought tears to my eye. I am so happy to have all these wonderful students in my class and the entire school. However, I wanted to and looking forward for this holiday because I have made so many plans to accomplish many projects. Some are FUN and some needed more planning. In between there are long naps in the afternoons and some trips to Boston to dine and to the Museum. 

However with all of that I planned a relaxing meal for us. Since the oldest had to go to School it was myself and Nicolette. We had a great time. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jigsaw Puzzles...

Few years ago I bought a Jigsaw puzzle for my son. He was not interested at all. As he get tired to listening to me reminding him to work with much reluctancy he started to work with the puzzle few Summers ago. 

Last Summer I surprised him with 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle. He took the challenge and  finished it. I recently found another that I have bought few years back with the very first one I guess. 

This holiday he received three puzzles one 500 pieces and two 1000 pieces. To my surprise he did finished one during school holidays and still working with one. The one he is working with works well with the current entertainment - I am talking about the movie Lincoln. 

As you can see the progress, he is working on it when ever he gets a chance. I guess the challenging part is working with the body. I might frame this as art for his room. I enjoy the quiet house in the afternoons when they are engaged with these kind of activities. He works on this on his bedroom floor. I am planning to create a small work place for him by the window hopefully this Summer. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

After celebration activities...

We worked on this little stain glass kit. This was a really cool activity. Easy to work with and can be engaged independently. After showing few tricks how to work with the little stick to fill in the design. Little Nicolette was very much interested to cover the entire glass. 

I was amazed to see how engaging she was with her activity. Nicolette received many gifts she can enjoy them till Summer. I cannot wait to work with some crafts when ever we get an opportunity. Lately, Nicolette wants to write we are working with her to write her long name at home. 


Monday, January 14, 2013

One Pot Chicken Meal

When I get back from work I need wholesome food in a flash due to many reasons. One feeling tired after a long day of work and planning with little children. Two I have two different age groups one who runs cross country and another who needs energy to grow and learn. Seriously both of these age group needs to energy to move, grow, and learn. Two of us need to be health conscious as we age. 

I wanted some things to be cooked in flash so I can work on my projects. I used what I had in my refrigerator. chicken, potatoes, button mushrooms, fresh herbs, garlic, and onions. I sautéed potatoes after seasoning it with salt, parsley, and red pepper flakes in olive oil until golden brown. Did the same to chicken. 

I used white wine to make sauce out of the pan crust after sautéing all. Placed everything in a deep dish and poured the sauce over and baked until the chicken is no longer pink. 

One pot meal easy, less messy, and  it was great with crusty bread. 


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy B’day to Nicolette

We planned little Nicolette’s 4th B’day with her New school friends. With few setbacks were able to celebrate her B’day. She was thrilled to see her friends at her party and she was so happy. I can see her little heart was filled with JOY and PURE HAPPINESS. 

I baked her cake as usual. This is her 4th B’day cake I have managed to bake with few in between to celebrate her happy days. 

It was so different and a unique experience you share when celebrating girls B’day. I do this with my little GIRL with much LOVE. 


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Creating a new space...

Creating a new space has been my dream for myself. It has been a long time goal for me in our small house. Things I wanted to add into this space has a  long list. I want to create in the presence of my children. 

I want my children to create with me, do their assignments, HW, and research with me. This has been my life long dream. Keeping and up dating the inventory in my little shop. 

Organizing the mailing space and finally getting the orders fill in with GRACE is a goal. I am excited to see my little shop is taking me to a totally different stage but with my family which I always wanted. Choosing a color was a FUN experince.