Monday, August 19, 2013

Green Tomatoes

I took these pictures couple of weeks ago. You, might wonder why I am posting them now. I want to share how I build my garden. By now most of you may have vine ripe tomatoes. I had few of them too. I will write all about my tomato harvest and what I did with it on a another post. 

I know I planted many varieties of tomatoes this year. Silly me, I did not save any of the names, I know one reason, was during planning I planted seeds early March. However, none of my seeds could not make it this year. I have a feeling it was due lack of care. However, these guys were so happy this year at this new spot. I have build two raise beds behind my kitchen this year. Which is next to the compost. I will be adding one more raise bed and that will be the only one for this yard. 

Few things to remember when planting your tomatoes are... 

Tear away few leaves from the root ball up and plant them really deep. This will aid plants to have sturdy trunks and healthy roots when they are young. This palnting method will also protect them from Spring rain and storms.

Condition your raised bed dirt with egg shells, compost, and once you plant them add a thin layer of straw to protect the dampness of soil, this will also help in weed control.

Water them when they are young, until the new leaves starts to grow. 

Plant your basil with tomatoes, they like each other, but this year I did not plant them together.

I would like to hear how you plant your garden tomatoes, if you have them in your garden.


  1. Have you used your green tomatoes to make fried green tomatoes?
    This year my daughter took over the veg garden and she has had quite a bit of tomatoes - she has started plucking them while they are yellowish-greenish-red as bugs and birds started attacking them when they were ripening on the plant. She lets them redden on the counter - takes a little longer but they are not bitten up :)
    Shashi @

    1. I have that only by the raise bed by the compost pile. I saw some big bites on my tomatoes this year for the first time. I was thinking to cover them up with a mesh or something.

  2. Very nice.. I did have some tomatoes in my garden when I planted them like two springs ago.. It came out very nicely too. I didn't garden for so long now...and I miss it sometimes.. the pictures turn out really well.. Love this green :)

    1. Thank you, I have enjoy them in salads...

  3. As you say, plant them deep, but I think so much depends on the weather. Last year it was so hot that watering them everyday wouldn't have saved them. This year we've barely watered at all and they're reddening up like crazy.

  4. I do agree with you, I usually water them to establish, after that I did not water them much. I do llet them dry out completly...