Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mansfield Town Fair…

We decided to head to the towns fair… this was a great opportunity for the in town small businesses. Town of Mansfield is a small town with diversity… we have great schools… shops… and the train to head Boston. This is one of my favorite features.

The total population in the town of Mansfield is about 23,184 the town has a great history to it and we enjoyed being Mansfield Town residents… I enjoyed the local salon they did a great job now my hair is short and looks great.

Quote of the day "fill your mind with healthy thoughts"


Monday, July 25, 2011

Easy step to update your entryway....

This summer I thought I am not going to plant at all somehow this attitude changed with our new old house. I have planted impatience before at our VA house; I might say I got it as a gift from my neighbor which I enjoyed very much.

It came in a bag and I hung it outside on the fence by the shade… I learned that it does not thrive in full sun through my friend.
This summer I decided to add some impatience to two big plastic pots I had which is ready to phase out due to use. This may be the last year we are using these pots we will see at the end of the season how they have done.

I was very happy with the results… it add some color to house and some character to our entryway. They were a variegated variety. I always try to work with something I have not used before because that will add to my collection as well as it will enhance the appearance to what I have…

What are your container garden successes that you had this summer … I would love to hear…

Quote of the day “have patience”


Friday, July 22, 2011

Beach Art…

 We took our Aththamma to the Cape and it was a fun trip with fish and chips… long walks in the pebbled filled beach and cold water soaking up your toes…
We always bring back rocks and shells… so I decided to do some art with what we found at the beach not much but this is what we did…

Quote of the day “ develop extraordinary powers of observation”


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy B’day Niegel…

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Yes, we had a small B’day gathering for my son who turned thirteen this summer. I cannot believe he is growing like a weed. I sometimes wonder who is this young man living with us where is my little boy. I do see my little boy sometimes appearing in this young man’s body… I guess we all went through this at one point.

We work hard to bring up responsible young adults… I guess that’s what mothers do… we worry on every little thing. I try to let him take responsibilities Niegel learn some challenging lessons during this school year, survived another moving(thank goodness it’s the same town, no school changing).

He did great; actually he helped me a lot during this move. I am thankful and grateful to my son who has helped me in every way. In our new old house with no air conditioning he asked me to bake. I know but I cannot refuse to bake his favorite lemon tart how I could do that to him on his B’day. So I did… It was hot, my first day of summer school second session.
He wanted soda, lemon tart, ice cream cake, salt water candy, liquorish, and pizza… we had a great time. Niegel was happy have his only grandmother present at his thirteenth B’day. We would be going to Border’s a lot to spend his fun Borders gift certificates.

He later thanks me for giving him a great B’day party and baking the lemon tart. I wanted to cry… but I was happy that he was grateful for little things… and not takes it as granted…

Quote of the Day “reacquire the courage of a child”


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Fourth…

How was your July fourth… I had a long time friend visiting me, head to the lake, Malaysian food, and fireworks in Boston all was great… I have to admit yesterday was a great day for kayaking and the boys and the little one had a great time. I tried shrimp- noodle soup, while my son had his always special pad-tai, and chicken curry with rice. I wish I took some pictures of the firework but I didn’t.

Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday with your loves ones…
Quote of the day “ practice self control”


Friday, July 1, 2011

A place to hang keys…

I always love shopping at anthropology. Lately I have been hooked with their down to earth floor plans. I was inspired by some of their floor plans. I love their hooks and simple gadgets. When we were at the apartment I always had our key by steps or on the kitchen counter. One of the changers I did with this new place was having a designated spot to hang keys.

I bought this simple hanger/hook to hang the keys… which I love very much…
Little things that make us happy and help to function as a family…

Quote of the day “always take an extra minute to do something right”