Friday, August 4, 2017

Our little bit of EARTH...

It's being a while I have written something in here. I have not visited this space mainly I have been in school, travelling, injured, and everything in between. However, the creativity has been in always progressing. Well enough of that, I want to share some pictures from 2017 urban gardening. Straight from our backyard.

These are garden runner beans, when I was in the UK last summer, I saw these in a friend's garden. They were not that big I immediately walked towards it because of the lovely flowers. This past spring one of my friends did an art show, and she had these beautiful plants incorporated into her art exhibition. So far they are not producing many beans but a ton of flowers and few beans here and there. 

I have stopped buying dill from my local nursery mainly because every spring I get few plants from the previous year's seeds. So it so cool to see them going into seeds. I also like them in my salads, and of course, I am looking forward to pickling some runner beans with dill if I am lucky with my beans. 

I changed the spot for eggplants from last year, and unfortunately, they are not doing well this year. I see one flower and the bees are buzzing around it. Hoping to see at least one eggplant this summer. Few more happenings at home; besides summer courses this summer we are making popsicles at home and celebrating the month of August with canning.  

A pot of strawberry jam simmering while I time myself outside pulling weeds and attending to our garden. 

We loved the honey peach popsicles with a hint of lemon!