About Me

Hi I decided to name my blog with my name because it’s all about my life, projects, raising our kids with my best friend, stay at home life, going back to school, cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, gardening, repurposing, falling in love with antiques, our new old house, and travel. I did try to squeeze in all I do in my blog.

I grew up Sri Lanka with two older brothers. At present I am on the only survivor from our family.

Fell in love with my best friend at school. We decided to raise our children thousand and thousand miles away from Sri Lanka leaving friends and family back at home. We called US our home due to many reasons but it was our choice.

Partially I give credit for my daughter because she was a corner stone for building my blog Sharm’s Outlet.

We have traveled many parts of US and a little bit of UK. However west coast is in our agenda to be explored. We have moved our little nest to Massachusetts and we love the New England crazy weather and driving. I love the history and early settlement sites in Mass.

I LOVE taking pictures of everything I do with my family. I use a Nikon camera and favorite lens is Nikon DX 18-200.

Thank you for stopping by...