Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Knockout Roses...

I do love my rose garden. It is in its early stage proper way to say is that the plants are still very young. I notice that my plants really took off during spring and then produce flowers and did nothing noticeably. 

I am sure they were growing new roots and working hard on sending shoots out. However, I did not notice anything significant given the weather this summer. 

After the commute I enjoy walking in my yard sometimes this could be a stress reliever depending how you admire your garden and your style. I guess I have evolved to be more naturalistic gardener. 

I notice some of my rose bushes are in the height of producing flowers all of a sudden. After the short stroll in the yard I decided to get my camera to capture the changers around the garden that I have missed. 

I do like getting back to routines and creating time to do the things I loved the most. Getting rest peeking back into my comfort zones. I would love to hear how you manage your busy schedule for things you love. At the end I am going to re schedule myself to take care of these wonderful knockout roses for the long winter. 

Quote of the day “Love your roses"


Monday, September 24, 2012

I am thankful to my Garden...

Our experiment garden has provided so much to us with little sun it had. I am so thankful for what it provided us this summer. The bounty of salad leaves, green chillies, endless tomatoes I enjoy during my lunch, beets, basil and other herbs; I am truly thankful. 

I remember how excited I was with Nicolette to plant the seeds in the little pots inside and get them outside during the month of May. We followed the planting calendar from our neighbor in order to decide what is the best time to plant. 

The tomatoes are amazing and keep producing under the shady patch. I will take this to another level next year I promise. I have been cutting them and topping them off on my cottage cheese for lunch with some crack pepper super easy snack to enjoy. 

Quote of the day “ love each day equally"


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Morning Glories...

I have an eye for unusual stuff. I just look at them in a different way. Last spring I bought seeds for this morning glory plant from the local nursery. 

Not only me; my lovely neighbor as well and for our surprise it did not took off during the growing season. They were kind of pricy and we were disappointed as well. I decide to nurse them any ways despite the fact of poor performance. I wonder from where that instinct come from. 

Remember the climbing pole we built for the wines and thinking this will take off. However, at the end I decided to grow the beautiful clematis next to the pole. 

After the labor of love I plant them in my back yard and did not bother to do anything for the front yard morning glories. Then one day I walked outside to dump the compost bowl and I notice this and was thrilled to bring my camera to capture the moments. 

This particular morning glory has a very light color to the plant I would say a lovely lighter green. I was simply elated to discover this. I know morning glory is not a  perennial but I enjoyed this late bloomer very much.

Quote of the day “look at a problem as a test"


Monday, September 17, 2012

Botany 101

I believe in teachable moments. I did not know the history about it but I now know a little about it. This was a fun evening in the yard. I harvested a cereal bowl full of grape tomatoes from our experimental garden.

While I was there I notice something. My tomato leaves are being attack by a some kind of a bug and I saw it was attached to the branch and carefully removed the bug from the tomato tree and slide it into a jelly jar. 

My son who was preoccupied with his thoughts suddenly notices the bug but he continued with is story. Then he stops and yelled “Oh! my gosh, it is a bug. I acknowledge and continued listening and suggest why don’t to take the jelly jar with the bug inside and do some research and rest was history. He was online, pulling all kinds of books from the home library, and working on finding all kinds of information to educate us. 

I have a feeling we are going with this new finding a place we have not being before but I know it is going to be FUN. 

Quote of the day “take kids on a wheelbarrow ride"


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting Ready for School...

My little girl was so eager to go to school. She was happy as a clam to face the first day of school. We are ALL going to school this year. My first day of work at school and my sons first day at high school.

Little Nicolette was eager to get in the car. She has a phase-in she will not be spending a whole day in school but few hours to get the idea what is happening at her school. I truly believe in Montessori but I have changed my style in teaching my daughter not the pushy parent I use to be. 

I want the learning to be a life long process that she is going to enjoy through out her life. I believe that Montessori education can lay that strong foundation through work. I have started the same process that I did with my son many years ago. I used to take him to work where I taught of course a Montessori school after ten years I am taking on the same task with delight.


Monday, September 10, 2012

My morning commute...

I am a working mom from now on. Yes, I am doing it all. I am blessed to do what I do everyday. I cannot asks for more, life is a challenge but it is beautiful. I am happy to see people are employed and they are going to work in our troublesome economy. 

The morning commute is a great example. I have been working really hard to set up my classroom. I know at the end it is going to payoff well for children as well as for the teachers. 

There is no other way to get off the traffic but listen to the morning radio. Make mental notes about the todo lists at least right now since little Nicolette is at home. Soon she will be my passenger. 

Quote of the day “ Enjoy every minute you can"


Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This was our second camping trip for Summer. We decided to camp at CT which was a shorter drive but it was fun, relaxing, and laid back. I took the liberty to play with pictures I took during the trip. 

We stop by a farmers stand they had lots of fruits and flowers. I asked her if it is all right if I took some pictures and she said yes of course. I really liked the flowers and the fruits they looked fresh.

I have something for sunflowers they makes me happy. These were gorgeous! 

Quote of the day “ Plan less"


Monday, September 3, 2012

What happen to my little guy...

I remember it was just like yesterday that I took my son to school with me. Even though he was separated from me by cutting the umbilical chord he was always with me. Benefit of being a teacher is that he gets to go to the school that I worked. He went to school with me until he was six.

 We placed him in 1st grade in public school. I remember being a wreck! I took my vacation to watch him go to school. I flew home after work to pick him up from the aftercare. I watch him GROW everyday. 

I remember his first day at Middle School. I was a total wreck again; but I knew he was going to be fine. I wrote notes and placed them in his lunch bag saying that I love him. Made his favorite lunch, drove him to school everyday. One day he told me that he wants to ride his bicycle to school. I was in a panic mode because we lived on the west side of the town but I let him ride his bicycle to school and called the school to find that he arrived to school safely. I recalled it was like yesterday, that I drop him off at the front entrance of middle school. He gave a phenomenal speech at the student council gathering and I went to school that day with our little one and sat in the back of the auditorium and listen to him with joy and pride in my heart. 

This Fall he is a freshmen in high school. I am watching him GROW again with tears held back because I know soon he will be off to college. My advice for him was never to forget the values that we place in our selves and in others. I wish him the BEST in his high school years! 

Quote of the day “ Work is love made visible - Kahlil Gibran"