Saturday, August 3, 2013


Tomatoes are in peak. We had few ripe tomatoes we have been using in our daily cooking. I will be canning some this Summer for winter months. I am thinking of sauce. We have many varieties in our yard and cannot keep track of them. Their are few heirlooms in this collection as well. Last year we had tomatohorn worms attacking our plants. So far I have not seen them in our yard yet. That does not mean we will not be attack this year. We are always looking for bugs. 

We did had some kind of a bug earlier in the season which was eating almost any kind on leaves. We thought it was a beetle but could not find the source. 

Are you growing tomatoes, if so what kind do you like most. How do you condition them to get more crop through out the season. Do add the compost and wait or give a supplement. I would love to hear. 


  1. Great looking tomatoes!
    We have harvested a few too - I just use miracle grow plant food occasionally.
    I am curious and was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing what you use as insect repellent?
    Shashi @

  2. Thanks and I will it is something I always wanted to write...