Monday, August 5, 2013

Canning Stage 2

We went again blueberry picking and this time we want to get it right. I am doing one single batch at a time, not picking a very hot day, and measure all ingredients properly.

Yes, we finally did it! I was so impressed the second time around it was much easier and knew exactly what to anticipate. I believe the first time around it was doubling the batch and not measuring the sugar was the deal breaker. But, we love the blueberry syrup, it was a great hit around the house whenever we have pancakes. Neat gift for some of my friends. Not only that I was able to inspire few to make the sauce at home! 

I was blessed with my domestic bliss of making blueberry jam. This is something I wanted to accomplish for a while. Seeing the 9, 8 oz bottles of jam which we made from picking to canning was so fulfilling! This winter we will be having many snacks. 

Finally, it is not too bad to do canning at home. It does not take an entire day, the process is very simple and straight forward once you get the hang of it. 


  1. Yup--with jam you can't double the batch. It has to do with evaporation and surface area. (And it's a pain when you're making several batches and have to do one after another after another!)

  2. Well... I did learned it the hard way...