Friday, August 23, 2013

Eastern Peaches are on SALE for 88 cents...

The local super market had its peaches on SALE. I immediately purchased 10 pounds. Yes, They were fresh, not totally ripe, looks beautiful, and did smell like peach. I arranged them in my fruit bowl and let it sit for couple of days. I did some search and followed a recipe from sure jell site.

 I did two batches and in one batch I used liquid pectin and other I used sure jell. The batch with liquid pectin was a bit runny and loose. The sure jell was more firmer and it did set well. 

We have already opened a jelly bottle and it was amazingly sweet and we love it! In total we made about eleven jars of jam. We are well stock for this winter with a variety of jams including blueberry, strawberry, and peach. I might give few away as gifts. I have been already sending them to friends and neighbors.  


  1. Score! I love finding produce on sale like that.

  2. It was pure luck! but was a lot of work... worth the effort!

  3. wow.. turned out really well.. so fresh and taste a lot better than the store bought :) Great pics as always :)

  4. Yes, They were so good... Now I know the difference between the store bought and home made..