Friday, August 16, 2013

Thrift store journey...

I took a small day trip with my neighbor to a thrift store. It is always fun to go out with a gal who knows the place. My lovely neighbor knew exactly what I was looking for. It was fun we were there super early go through store. She had three boxes that she wanted to donate and I had none. Perhaps, next time I can be more prepared. 

The store was in an old house. I wish I took some pictures and it was four levels counting the basement. The volunteers were super nice and very generous to slash the prices. 

What did I score? well, few things. To begin, I was actually gravitating towards the picture frames and I found few neat pieces. 
A beautiful hand embroidery piece and it was framed, no date on it but it could add some color to my sewing room. I am thinking to paint the frame to add a bit of color to the piece. 

The other frames were, one for little Nicolette and to my sewing / creative room. 

A neat hand appliqué table cloth...

Eight bulb vases (these were quarter a piece). I love to plant bulbs with my daughter and watch them grow. This will be a cool projects for this Fall/ Spring. I am planning to do this with kids at school as well. I have been eyeing the bulb vases at the nursery and did not want to pay that high price tag.  

Four, candle stick holders once again a quarter a piece. 

Cheese dome with a board. I always wanted to get one, but keeps forgetting. We could have some cheese this Fall. 

Guess what, the total for all this was eighteen dollars not too bad. The most high tag was the embroidery piece. 

Do you make time to go to a thrift store if so, do you stay closer to your town. 
What have you scored recently from a thrift store?


  1. Seems like you scored really well with this trip to Thrift store :) Love the picture frame.. I have also found some nice stuff from garage sales and thrift stores over the years... I feel very good about myself and satisfied about my shopping from these places because you could get some really nice things for reasonable prices. You do take good pictures.. nice work!

  2. I did feel good about buying from this store and I was looking for bulb vases...