Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sandyneck Beach, Barnstable 2013

I hope this is could be a place for us to take our kids for a nice getaway from the busy week. Not a very sandy beach but rather rocky/pebble beach. I bumped in to a Puerto Rican lady at the beach, she was kind enough to share her story of collecting rocks which were  heart shape. 

She explained some of the pebbles are smooth enough for her to smash garlic in her cooking. Even though it was bit harder to navigate in this rocky beach there were many occupants. There was a family reunion and a fire pit. 

The sunset was breath taking to watch. I kind of like this beach, so far we have not designated a beach as our go to beach.
I guess we are still looking, we originally are Island dwellers, and  hard to please when it comes to beaches. I know as a fact, Sri Lanka is well know to its beautiful rolling beaches. I do miss the down south landscape. 

I did kind of fell in love with this beach mainly the landscape was very calming, closer to home only takes about hour and a half so give or take, few shops to view, and the crowd was much pleasant!

I enjoyed the cool breeze, wish I had a book, and love my new beach chairs I got last year from Target!

Both my kids stroll to the beach hand in hand to wade in waves. As always, the teenager was very protective of his sister. On the other hand little Nicolette, persisting on pushing boundaries to explore the beach with her new skill of dog paddle!

She insist that I take her to the waves instead of her big brother so she could have a little freedom to play. I enjoyed her requests so I can step into the cold water to rejuvenate my tired feet!