Tuesday, September 3, 2013

4 H Fair Middleborough, MA

This came to us through a girl at work. I decided to head over to check the fair. It was a long time that I have been to this kind of a fair in VA. Location was not to bad it was not too far but at the same time it was not too close. 

First exhibit we entered was the rabbit display it was pretty interesting. Their were many varieties of bunnies, which I have not witness before in my life. 

Next we entered the chicken coops, yes, and it was fun to watch. 

Nicolette, wanted to get her face painted as a pirate and then she was thrilled to get a sword as well! Later, I move towards the room where they displayed wining entries who had received the blue ribbons. It was very neat, the variations of entries from onions, eggs, quilts, pictures, to many more...

We headed home... our older one was a bit bored from the 4H fair I guess he is not a guy with that kind of interest as his mom!


  1. What beautiful eggs! I don't think our fair has a category for that--goodness, I wish they did!

  2. I bet if they did, you will take the blue ribbon home ;-)