Friday, April 27, 2012

Indoor Plants

I wanted to say I always like to have plants inside my home. However, I used to collect a lot even when I was living in Sri Lanka. I want to say I love having indoor plants. 

Here I am kindling my interest again very slowly. I own two plants at present. This beautiful peace lily was given to me by my the school that I will be working this Fall. 

This beautiful African violet was given to me by a friend. It is blooming now for the very first time. I love it I use have a collection of african violets with self watering pots. I might start them again. 

I do enjoy plants I guess it add some fun and peace to the dwelling.

Quote of the day “know how to wait”

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What do you with kids ART?

Nicolette has been painting a lot and I encourage her to paint. I end up having ton of her paintings which I plan to use. I also wanted her to know that we appreciate her work very much. 
I started to use one color and now she is using two. She does a pretty good job using tube water colors. Her brush strokes has improve tremendously. 

I bought these frames from IKEA they are very inexpensive and decided to frame some of her work. 

When I place them on her little shelf she was so happy and proud of her work. I am planning to display more of her work in our home.  
My hubby was so happy to see her work. 
Quote of the day “seek elegance rather than luxury”

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

East Side of the Garden

East side of the garden is mainly hues of purple and blues. These are alliums which I planted last fall. As you can we need rain desperately. 

Tulips are beginning to pop out. I use to have evergreen bushes around this corner. 

This is Russian Sage. I could not find regular sage to add to my garden. But this one is peeking out. 

Allium produce a beautiful globe like flower and completely deer resistant. 

Butterfly bush...


Purple Cone flower


Ornamental Grass

I am still not done with touring...

Quote of the day "empower yourself without overpowering others"


Monday, April 23, 2012

How is your garden growing...

These tiny daffodils are so gorgeous. They are simple joy in life. 

Day-lilies I cannot wait to see them grow and see their production of flowers. Their are many shades when it comes to blooms of this beautiful plant. I was given a lot my an avid gardner. 

Garlic is growing steady and fast. 

I love the foliage of this plant...  yarrow has a medicinal value as well.

How can you not plant a dogwood in your yard. They are beautiful and lovely. My yellow garden was taken over by this flowering dogwood tree which we plan to enjoy over the years. We will start our garden tours agin soon.
Quote of the day “do things you are good at”

Friday, April 20, 2012

How is your garden growing

I keep adding roses. I cannot believe this I was not into roses have not seen a rose in my garden for well over twenty years. That’s mean I did grow roses when I was very young in my mother’s garden and they were lovely. Given to me by a good friend of mine. I loved them so much. 

One more... new to my yard this year...

Among all this one gets the best morning light. This part of the yard was covered with brush before now this is my new rose garden. 

This is a hydrangea bush I cannot wait this to mature it is going to be gorgeous I just know it. I have seen this in bloom and I love the color.

This was a fun picture because you cannot see the the Hostas growing in here you have to take a very closer view.

Life is taking shape...

I truly enjoy this view any time of the day. 
Quote of the day “ stay on the path”

Thursday, April 19, 2012

How is your garden growing

I want rain... Where is april showers... I am trying to keep the grass seeds live. I am ready for a rain dance. 

These are my little pansies waiting to welcome visitors. They are happy and warm sitting by the footsteps.

This is a beautiful hydrangea which I bought last year part of the money from this goes to breast caner foundation. Now that is a good cause to gardening. 

More pansies around the maple root...

I am experimenting this... we will see how this is going to survive...
What do you think about our new addition...

We have a fruit tree...

The rose bushes are happy... and yes I am going to stop right here. I have to continue my tour around our garden. But first thing is first we need to get our grass growing. So right now all hands are on deck to get the grass growing.

Quote of the day “be curious about life”

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Please Rain on us...

We are in a drought phase, I really hope we are not. I do not know what happen to April showers. We have few more weeks left. We decided to re-seed our yard by adding dirt. 

It was a lot of work having to work with dirt and re-seeding but I am disappointed we are into a drought. It hurts to water everyday but the growing seedlings need water, When I think of the water bill it hurts even more, if we were really into a drought I do not want to use up all the town's water. 
I can see the seedlings emerging. I am in the brink to give up all this because I cannot keep up with watering. I wish we did not re-seed our lawn. I wish we waited out this year. Since we had a very weak yard to begin we needed the dirt and the seeds to make it green. 

We love our old new house... we bought this old house to take care of it as of a sudden urge take care of something old that entered our lives slowly as we mature... I love every little bit in this house. 

While I survey the water consumption I could not help notice to see how little Nicolette has grown... she does a great job with her tricycle. 

She is good at making goofy faces as well
Quote of the “ take the road less travel” 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Healthy Fruit Tart...

This was my to do list for a while. I always wanted to make fruit tarts main reason behind was to incorporate the abundance of fruits that is available during summer. 

Tart is baked as usual way but filled with cold creamy cheese with a hint of vanilla. This is a lovely refreshing tart. 

I love painting the canvas that was fun. I cut up the fruits and loaded it with all the fruits I had in hand. I made this for a small gathering but they loved and we loved it as well. 

I try to take few photos of this tart before it left our home. 
Those ribbons are made with cantaloupe using the vegetable peeler

Quote of the day “use what you have” 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Display...

This piece was created by me in a 3D class I took way back using Maya. Yes, it was creating this piece. It almost looks like some kind of a flower, or a fungi growing on a old piece of wood, but I love it very much...

This butterfly was a gift for me from one of the team teachers way back. I love it it reminds me of the warm summer and beautiful gardening season that is almost here.
This beauty is from our yard. I love daffodils can you guess. This is a beautiful creamy yellow was mixed in with my yellow daffodils from the manufacturer but I love the mistakes...

You can see I am working on my photoshop... I am playing with ideas... but love the outcome. 

You can see I am working on my photoshop... I am playing with ideas... but love the outcome. 
All this awaits to welcome guest in my house...
Quote of the day “rise above objects of desire”