Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I remember growing up I did not have much options with headbands, although do remember having long hair when I was in elementary school. My mother use to braid it and tie my hair with ribbon and it supposed to be black for school purposes. I did not like it very much specially the braid would make my hair look funny. Then my mother took me to a hair dresser and chopped it off but very very short. I almost looked like a boy and then I hated my hair. I remember going to hair dresser as a very bad experience because it usually gets chopped off short.

Because of my past experinces with hair dressers I am extra careful when it comes to Nicolette’s hair. Because to begin she has super fine hair definitely not from me. For the longest time she did not had hair on her head when she was a baby. 

I know she wanted to grow her hair and I always make sure to make few hair accessories at home. Whenever I go to the fabric store I always roam through the ribbon section to see new beautiful prints and there are ton of ideas on Pinterest. I bought these few inches of these beautiful embroidery flowers and a ribbon which was embroidered with flowers few weeks back. It was sitting on my sewing table for a long time. It was the perfect snowstorm to take on unfinished tasks. 

She was not feeling well with her tooth coming out and was ready to model the finished headbands. I might make few as gifts to friends. I cannot remember the cost but I had the elastics at home from another project so it was very inexpensive to make these. 

Monday, February 2, 2015


You cannot have these enough, but an easy project to do with your six year old. Just in time for Valentines.