Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pear Vanilla Jam...

It is the season for pears, apples, pumpkins, and in few months oranges. I remember couple of weeks back we had too many pears in our fruit bowl and some were getting bruised. Pears are one of my favorite fruit next to figs. Yes, I love figs but I don't get to enjoy them a much. Mainly I have not found a good reliable source to get good figs to enjoy. I have not found them in huge quantities to jam them yet. I am being hopeful that one day I might. 

I decided to jam my batch of pears. We love it. I followed a recipe from “Food in Jars” which I have come to love very much. It was a great recipe amazingly I had everything I needed at my finger tips. That is a one reason to can. Second reason I have become extremely sensitive to throwing food away. I enjoy donating to the local food pantry whenever I can. I am big on donating during Thanksgiving month which I get to do a lot. I have notice that I use all my produce before going to the grocery store more often. 

I know Marisa, the canning queen is working on a, more of a smooth textured jam on pears. But I do like the texture in this and the combination of pears and vanilla, it is almost equal to heaven, Yes, it is that good. I will be baking more homemade wheat breads this winter to spread this delicious jam. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I feel a bit unbalance not making any entries in my blog. We have been so busy lately mainly running around to get things done during weekends. When I look back my blog entries for me are collection of activities I get to get done. One day I can look back at my energy level, and say ah yes, I remember I use to work on this project a lot. Not that I am not making any projects but something gets in the way. 

I promise to myself I will be blogging more in 2015. I will continue to blog for the rest of this year as well. That is a promise I am going to make for myself and I dearly hope that I will be able to make it.

That being said this, I wanted blog a bit about this past weekend. It was a bit crazy weekend for us actually on a second thought it was a lot more crazy weekend, events, cooking, meets, and fair play time. I was toasted on Sunday and decided to do nothing. Which I could say, that I spent one entire day doing nothing, watching movies with my children, connecting with teenage friends, and a bit of reading. 

I like to think having few minutes a day to blog will make my schedule more organized so I can still keep a somewhat detailed record of my activities to look back in later years. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Tomato and Peach Jam,

This is my second year of making jam, I guess you become more seasoned as you go along. I had few tomatoes from the garden and two peaches sitting on my fruit bowl almost mocking at me. 

I hate to throw away vegetables, and I have become really good at not practicing to waste food. 

I know as I write there are many countries cannot have access to fresh water and fruits and vegetables. I use to toss vegetables all the time but I have become a better person. 

I happy to have our flock, so somedays nothing goes to waste. Back to jam, recipe I followed is from Food in Jars, but I add two peaches to this jam and cook the living daylight out of this batch of tomatoes and two peaches. I slightly burn a bit as well, which I am not that happy though. 

I have to admit, the final product with some undertones of peach is just divine on a piece of toast. I tried a bit on baked fish it was delicious. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Simple Fleece Blanket...

Little bud has been getting blankets from me often. When she was a baby, I made her a lot of blankets, because I like making them. It was my way of wrapping her with love. She enjoyed them very much I know for sure. 

She still use them when she can. Now that she has become this tall gal, I had to keep up making bigger blankets for her.

I love the remnant rack at the fabric store. Few weeks ago, I bought this and it was just sitting,I wanted to make her something with owls this season. 

I made this simple blanket with fleece, this was my first time using the serger, and I did it! It is a very simple way to make a blanket and can make it easily within few minutes. I simply straighten edges, by cutting the selvage and the rounded the corners using a plate. This is a very simple blanket, to transfer towards fall. Another project made at home. 

I had made blankets for few other friends who wanted receiving blankets. I wish I knew how to do these before I had my little one.  

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Making yogurt @ home

Making yogurt at home has become an extremely a fun project to do. Plain yogurt satisfying our less sugar craving desires, while adding benefits to our health. But it was hard to get, little one to eat, because she has tasted the store kind. 

She would say, but, “I like the kind with the fruit on the bottom.” Yes, I agree if I am six too. In order to satisfy her I would try to mix in a small amount of jam into the plain yogurt but she would insists she likes the fruit on the “Bottom.”

In order to get her to eat without complaining, I decided to make few with our tiny weck jars it was an adorable and successful attempt! 

Why not add a bit of honey, says a voice in my head, so it was honey. I love it and my older guy gulp it down. Hmm… I don't know how I am going to keep up with him. 

Making yogurt was a really good thing that had happened to us.