Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pappardelle, Shrimp, and Asparaug

Pappardelle is a great pasta to cook with shrimp if you are not a meat eater. I found this great yet simple recipe which calls a bunch of asparagus, shrimp, lemon, onions and pasta. Neat way to make a great dinner or a lunch if you are in a hurry.  

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Fire Pit & the Garden

We are so happy to have our fire pit out, helps us to clear the yard and work outside when it is a bit cold. Plants are into their growing season. 

Although their are mounds work to be done around the house, but it is kind of peaceful to work in the yard planting. We have used our fire pit couple of times already. 
Our wood pile is slowly disappearing.

I see little green shoots around the yard but I have no idea of their origin. Last year I had a random lettuce in my yard; I am looking forward to see what this year brings to us. One evergreen needs to be replaced, there is something going on in this particular spot because I lost two evergreens. Perhaps it is time to plant something else. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A trip to Big Apple

This spring break we took a almost a day trip to Big Apple! It was FUN bit was tiring. We stayed overnight at a hotel but did a lot during the day. Visited family, bought few cricket gear for Panduka, visited Guggenheim Museum, and a great lunch before heading home. 

The best thing was we were at home before 7:00 pm and went to bed early. It was a great road trip. Listen to music al the way and created fun playlists. Enjoy many sites on our way to NYC!. 

This was our very first time visiting the Guggenheim museum, we have visited the Museum of Fine Arts before. I love many of the modern pieces displayed by many artists but I have to agree I love Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. It holds many modern and contemporary art.

The museum, the building it self is a masterpiece. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What can you get for an active Child

What you can offer to a child who is active lets take a look. I went for a hike, on one weekend, very early spring to the woods, and It was a great experience. 

However, I did not had few equipments to complete this fun project like a net to catch tadpoles, this can be a net with a short or a long handle. Next a great magnifying glass would be great to look at few plants and insects, bucket, and a kids size binoculars to take a closer look at few song birds. 

This is a great gift for a little girl or a boy during spring who is adventures. Additionally, you can tuck in a small note book with a collection of color pencils. perhaps a small mat to sit. Few energy bars will keep him/her energized throughout the activity. Having few books about animals will help them along the line to work with this project. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lunch Idea

This is a great brunch recipe, but I wanted to make one during week for school lunch. I am glad I made this because I used it for couple of days with the rest of the family. Since my older guy is running it is very important to have a high protein lunch. 

I used a store brand croissant roll dough as the crust. Sautéed onions with spinach which was easy to make and comes together fast. 

Add some grated cheese, salt and pepper, and eggs with a 1/4 cup of milk. Bake it for about 50 minutes at 350 degrees or until it is set. I was lucky to get some fresh eggs from a co- worker. It did taste great and was a very healthy alternative for lunch. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Beginning of Spring!

I usually don't write about my cover pic, but I love how our garden is coming to life. 

The garden is busy shooting up new shoots, can’t wait to see what have survived in our garden after this long winter. I am officially on my spring break and finally feels like spring. I saw my crocuses are finally coming up. They are tiny but so cute! 

Row of bulbs are making its way to the warm weather. The mix of spring bulbs in this corner could bring some color to our garden. I guess its time to fly garden colors. Time to change the flag finally. I wanted more of a natural look in this area, I guess a bit more bulbs can change it this fall. 

Spring weather brings in many chores to garden, and I am happy to have few seeds under dirt to get a heads start. Many Aliumes are making its way. I love those beautiful flowers. I was surprise to see some of the spring violets are in bloom in my garden this past weekend. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Fresh eggs to bake from a co -worker

I got this wonderful recipe to make coffee cake and the rest was history. I had too much to catch up this weekend with friends and I think I over baked the  coffee cake but it was gone. 

It was so good and I might bake this again but don’t know about the fresh eggs. I might get lucky again but they were the best eggs I had after a long time. I use to buy fresh eggs from the farmers market in Leesburg, VA.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spaghetti Dinner at School

Nicolette has been highly excited about her spaghetti dinner at school. It was really a very special night for her. We were invited to her school to have a spaghetti dinner and a recital of poems with a celtic dance. 

We enjoyed it very much and at the end there was a father daughter dance. I enjoyed very much. Nicolette was fighting a bug to be at the dinner. However it was her very special day, that she has been asking almost everyday when is the spaghetti dinner.  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Time to plan

There has been a great silence in this blog during the month of March. Mainly I have been extremely  busy with life in way it is a good thing. On top of that I have been sick catching something from work despite all my effort to be germ free. Ha kind of a funny statement when you work in a school. I think I am bound to get sick. After a very busy week little Nicolette got sick with a stomach bug, and then it was me I do not know what it is. I felt it was a cross between a bad allergy attack and a cold. However my joints have been aching lately.

I still can’t find time to roam around and do nothing how miserable I am, now that just me. If I am not sleeping I am doing something. One thing for sure this spring and summer I will not be spending time online. Yes, it was way too much time for browsing this winter. 

Despite all my effort I was able to plan my garden. I am not a cubit fan but I get my seeds from the local hardware store, at times from the grocery store, and occasionally from the nursery close to my house. Some plans are underway to building the compost and adding a new planting bed for little Nicolette. I am very excited to see how she wants to plant her garden.

We will be reading many gardening books this season!