Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How is your garden taking shape this spring?

I know having so many interest could be a big issue. I still enjoy waking up to birds, sun on my face, over night grown leaves, buds, and the over flowing streams. I have been visiting to the local garden shop and was amazed with all the décor on sale. Some of my favorite items that I found in my local garden shop were very appealing to the eye.

This is my first time to this particular garden shop and I LOVE it very much. Last summer when we were in England I was able to visit some of the nursery in Scotland and liked it very much. I remember growing up in a tropical climate I enjoyed the annual garden exhibitions and the craft fares I attained.

I am imaging a New England Cottage type garden… it is still in the seed formation might take some time for me to really plant it. But I know what I want that’s a good start and I like to have white hydrangeas bushes, white lilacs, tulips, hosta, daffodils, impatience and many more…so far the color scheme is deep and variegated green with white.

I know eventually I do like to add some pink and blues… but I am not sure I want to do more research into this type of gardening…

Quote of the day “Keep your lawn neat and litter free”


Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Earth Day…

I participated in the 5K Trail Mix walk/run for sustainability. This was collaborated with the earth day. Yes, I did took part and had a great time with other students. Organized by the Biology club at the Bridgewater Sate University along with the center for sustainability and the office of undergraduate research...

Yes, I am into organic I wish I have the time, land, space, to invest on organic but I have loved and adore this concept in the past.

According to the year 2010 census the agriculture/farming is done by less than 2% of the US population. Sounds scary but it the impact of industrial revolution and introduction of machines towards human labor…

Are we into organic growing, amazingly there is a increase in this but is it enough… can everyone enjoy this… going to whole food feels good to your heart but it does hurt your budget in some way. Can every one afford this questionable situation? The other day I was having a conversation with a customer at the book store she has joined a farm co- op and voiced out that she is exploring alternative for proteins from grain. Grass fed, free range meet and the prices of eggs have introduce her to grains such as amaranth, Quanah, and millet, barley and many more.

I know there are many healthy vegan choices for proteins… I have read many post from web posts, magazines articles, and talk shows about sustainable living... can we do it as a family depends on your values can every one et into this boat… not sure…

Above are my thoughts let me know what you think about this concept.
I had a great EARTH DAY! How about you… Trail mix was great…

Quote of the day “help save nation’s wetlands”


Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring has sprung…

In my little balcony here in Mansfield Spring is taking shape. It is beautiful to watch how nature takes its own course in fulfilling its duties. Even though we have not got much rain during this spring little leaves are taking it shape. The bulbs I planted with my daughter last fall are finally sprouting. I was wondering because this was my first time planting bulbs in a container I am thrilled with the results.

But to my surprise the chives that we planted in our hanging basket seems to be sprouting very happily so for sure I know those are perennials. I didn’t see any blossoms last summer may be this summer I will be lucky to see some blossoms I will keep things posted.

I enjoy every bit of spring and summer so I can get my hands dirty. I am looking forward to do more this summer and fall with my kids. One of my professors from school voice out having so many interests could be a bad habit… I don’t know about this but I do appreciate nature so much… balancing my interest could be a challenge at times… but I am happy to weigh life, interest, family, friends, school and everything in between. Because you live this life only once…

Quote of the day “discover your work, and then give yourself to it with all your heart”


Thursday, April 21, 2011



It started as a quiet thought, then it grew into a quiet word, and it grew stronger and stronger into wonderful movement. I was happy to take part in this movement and made me feel so good to help some little children who is struggling in Japan to put a smile on their faces and let them know that they are not alone. When I explain this to my son he was so ready to help. When I asked for a shirt that has been gently used for donation he was eager to go through all his clothes and get me a gently used sweater since the weather is cold and winter begins in Japan. Not only that he offered to pay part of shipping and handling. He came up with all these wonderful ideas to help and explained to me about the Google translator to write a letter to children and people in Japan. I was overwhelmed with his suggestions and very happy to hear all his feelings about people and children in Japan.

Despite that he also mention since he is a troop leader at the boys scout program in the town he would try to get the word out to his troop to help out people in Japan. Yes, I knew then he has a GREAT BIG KIND HEART to help…

I went through my daughters clothes and was able get a winter jacket, her snow boots, hat,scarf, and few more iteams... We add wipes and candy.

I happy to take part in this and I have been spreading the word with friends and family…

Quote of the Day “send aid to victims of an international disaster”


Monday, April 11, 2011

Organize your Hoops…

After a long wait I have started to wear hoops. Part of the reason I simply couldn’t do it because I work with children a lot and for the safety of my own as well as for children. I have decided not to wear hoops. (work related)

Now that I am staying at home and back at school I thought I want to give it a try. I did had a couple of dangling earrings from work. Parents have given to me as gifts and I save them so I could remember the little hearts that I have touched.

So I did have a collection but not a very big one. They were all over the place sometimes ending up in the jewelry tray. They get not worn, half the time lost or buried with my jewelry.
After looking at couple of blogs and at my local bead shop I decided to make a frame to hang my earrings. Now I wear them more often, mainly due to easy access.This hoop organizer could be a piece of art in your closet for those blah walls…
This was one of my spring cleaning projects…

How did I do it, what I had used was basically a picture frame from the craft store, and some window screen… I do have a lot of  window screen left over from this project. I am looking up ways to use them around my house…

My art professor does a wonderful job with this window screening and I love what she has done with it, she is a very creative and a talented person I am glad I took a 3D art class it has come handy in so many ways past few months…

Stay tune you, I am planning to have a slide show of pictures of all the creations I have done…

Quote of the day “be creative with the time you have”


Monday, April 4, 2011

Topponcino/Security Pillow…

 I wanted to write this article in order to give some information about this wonderful must have item for a baby nursery. When you are assembling the layette for your newborn we go through so many resources. I remember I personally went through so many and did research and read many parent magazines from doctors office, consulted friends and family, read all the books.

Only few books offer the Montessori approach designing a nursery for an infant. Having the A to I training and all the resources I was one of the lucky person to offer this environment for my daughter. I do sell this item through my etsy shop people who are seeking for Montessori education as well as build the trust for their newborn.

Some of the common questions using a topponcino were

How long is the Topponcino useful? This is a good question ideally you need to use this during first 2-3 months. (as the infant gain muscle control to hold his/her head topponcino offers an ideal support to the infant)) The reason behind is topponcino act like a security blanket for the newborn. It carries the smell and the familiarity so the infant feels secure with direct and non- direct family members.

During the first few weeks we were traveling with our baby and I used it very much she was happy and secure. I also used this when I was aiding my daughter to wean off the bassinet to her sleeping mattress.
Older siblings feel insecure to hold the infant how can I address this issue? This is the best way to help the older siblings to hold the infant. They do feel secure with proper guidance and help to hold the baby with the topponcino.

Do parents need to use the topponcino to hold the baby? I am a big advocate when it comes to this question that it is very important that parents hold the baby without the topponcino. Your newborn/infant needs to have the experience held by you. Parent’s direct touch is very important in the early stage development. Additionally it plays a key role in bonding. There have been numerous researches done on this topic. This memory of bonding and touching registers in the infant’s kinesthetic memory. As the newborn grows and develop he/she revisit this memory.

Quote of the day “nurture your kids”