Thursday, August 15, 2013

Canning Mistakes

We have been using our blueberry syrup with pancakes. I have to admit it is yummy. Kids LOVE it. If I let them, they would have them everyday! Nicolette think she still needs her regular syrup with blueberry syrup. I have been trying to explain that it is our new syrup instead of the store bought. 

It was a bit difficult for her to grasp the whole concept, but we will wait till all our store bought syrup to be gone then we will have only blueberry syrup. 

She took every bite of her pancakes and nothing was left! 


  1. I don't blame her - that syrup did sound so yummy!
    Shashi @

  2. Syrup on syrup--I like the way your girl thinks!

    1. That exactly waht I was thinking...