Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Layering effects “Spring Garden”

Some plants are making a statement in this tiny garden of ours, I love how the Clematis is peeking through the Hydrangeas. I am happy to see some of the moves we have had created with plants last year have offered space, to new growth this year. The beauty of Johnny Jump ups could overtake everything. The reseeding of this beautiful plant is breathtaking. Its reseeding process takes a more natural approach than me planting. I get excited discovering this plant in unusual places in our garden.

Iris has taken a slow growth, but not too shy to show off the beautiful blooms which blends in with the theme! I keep saying to myself I am not going to buy any more plants but ends up buying every time I see them. This is it no more. Plan is take care what I have this year. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Love with Alliums...

I remember to this day when I first encounter this beautiful flower. I loved how it could add sculpture to a boring garden. I keep adding this to our garden every Fall. I could use some other varieties of this. I do not have deer visiting my garden although I could have a possibility. I have got rabbits and wild turkey always roaming around. 

Our Radishes...

Yes, this Summer we decided to venture into growing radishes. This is not a highly consumed vegetable in Sri Lanka mainly to the distinct aroma during cooking process. Although, I can enjoy this in many ways in salad, lightly cooked greens, and cooked as a vegetable. 

It was an experience directly sowing the seeds to the ground. Since they are clustered together there is a clump of Radishes growing together. We discovered so many varieties of Radishes it was fun planting all these. I need to weed soon before they take over the radishes.

I am planning to thin them by making a salad soon. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Buying Plants...

I have spent fair amount this year without the annuals on building our garden. This was one reason I took an active part in garden club. I enjoy planning out my garden, learning about new plants, and finding out what is domain to the area I live. 

I remember growing up, I took a keen interet in gardening after visiting couple of my mom’s friends and my best friend's garden. They work truly devoted to building their gardens. 

I also remember the best part was visiting the annual flower show in Sri Lanka. It was an exciting event to watch, all the plant lovers admiring plants. This is what I will be working on this Summer building up a layered garden!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Feeding Birds

This has been something I have done since I was a little girl. Following my grandmother, who use to feed the squirrels, birds, and chipmunks. I grew up with feeding the feathery friends. 

It was fun to fill the bird feeder and hang it outside with little Nicolette. She enjoys it more than me, filling the bird feeder, and carrying it. 

I hope to capture some images of birds actually feeding on our feeder this summer.  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Clematis and the climbing post

I am super excited this summer to see my Clematis vine take off. After many struggles the clematis seems to taking off on its own this season. I was delighted to see the pods shooting up and the vine is beginning to wrap itself around the near by Hydrangea bush. It seems to be doing really well in this spot, in the front yard. 

I think it adds so much fun to a garden with its beautiful blooms. Training it to climb the post is going to be interesting. I have already attempted this task with help from my neighbor. 

I remember a neighbor in VA did a phenomenal job in her yard with this beautiful plant. She almost made a privacy screen. I am excited to see my purple garden is taking off with its very first vine.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Robin’s nest

We have a Robin’s nest on our front entrance rhododendron tree. I was excited to see the movement on the front yard when we were mulching our beds. It was interesting to watch how the Robin work to build it nest.

After building it it lays still for hours without much movement. Only leaves to get food and sits on her eggs entire day is amazing. We tried to keep the window shade closed for its security. We have avoided using the front door as much as possible to minimize the traffic. 

Little Nicolette is very much interested in watching the Mama bird but there is no papa bird involved in this at all. 


I have been tackling some projects in our yard. I was surprised to see the survival emerging through dirt. Last years herbs are coming to life after the New England’s harsh weather. This allows me to buy less herbs to add to the garden.

have chives, thyme, sage, mint, and oregano perking through the dead garden. I am amazed to see this life after the long and hard winter we had. 

I have added tomatoes, lettuce, swiss chard, parsley, thai, and regular basil. The raised bed give a feeling of a checker board pattern from a distant. I hope we are into a warmer Spring.