Monday, June 29, 2015

Lavender Garden…

This past winter had been a very harsh winter for New Englanders. Out lavender hedge is fairly young and the corner garden is about a year old. I did plant some last summer as a hedge which I plan to grow more as the years come. However to my surprise they did extremely well this year. It is a wonderful feeling to see them com back and produce bloom after bloom. 
We have notice so many bees and butterflies visiting this corner with delight. I love to see purple smoke from a distant. I have always loved lavender as an herb and as an essential oil. It can elevate headaches and minor aches in minutes. Lately I am using them in my chicken coop mixed with bedding seems to helping chickens a lot and with bugs. 
I have been surfing the internet to see what else I can do with a bumper lavender crop. I love making lemonade with it; that is about it right now. I might take on the challange of making few pillows for winter with seeds if I am up to it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Sorry for the long absent. Summer school, classes for little Nicolette, and everything in-between is kind of getting in the way of posting. The best is to at least begin with one or two post to get back in the swing of posting. It is easier to begin with garden because I manage to poke my head outside twice a day if not more than that. Many changes, first chicks are growing up like weeds I mean literally like weeds. 
We have a bunny family visiting us every evening and I am bit skeptical about the entire thing. I enjoy their view now and then. My neighbor told me to keep a bowl of garden leftover on a side so they won't eat my green beans. 
Lavender hedge has grown a bit and always busy with butterflies and bees. I harvested some this year. I have to find ways to use them.