Monday, September 12, 2016


I love knitting and in 2016 I decided to knit few pieces every month. I did not get to knit during the month of August. I tend to my foot and spend few hours in our yard. However, during summer I was able to knit few pieces when I was in England and then it stopped. I am always winning new ideas to knit this month. 

I love knitting cowls and hats especially the winter up north could be a hash. Getting out of the house to the car, from car to work, and around school could be tricky. If I don't have the right gear, I am not a happy camper. Besides its fun to knit, I know that repetition does so much to the brain according to various researchers. 

I love knitting; this also gives me an opportunity to make those lovely handmade items as gifts for close friends and families. I don't come from a knitting family no one in my family knits. I hope this holiday I can hone my skills to another level by making few unique pieces. 

Eating my vegetables

I occasionally I enjoy cooking when I am not stressed about dinner. Mainly weekends have been lately busy with classes and catching up with friends and finishing up projects. This weekend I had a great time cooking and prepping food for the upcoming school week. 

This year I have started to prep food for a week and froze them mainly meat including fish. It is almost like the blue apron but not much cutting on weeknights. I like coming home when dinner is ready to go and to tackle classes. 

This is a super easy vegetable dish we all love. The recipe includes cauliflower, carrots, and potatoes. Our little miss helped me to cut vegetables, and she was so proud that she gets to help me to cook. Not only that she was so happy to finish all her food.  

This year Nicolette is taking, swimming, karate, and music. I am super excited for her, and she is too. I am looking forward to seeing her creating music. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Summer 2016 Gardening

I always planned this somewhere in January. Yes, I think that is where the itch of planning the garden starts. I know by March I am looking for potted plants. I guess it is a gardening thing you can say. I was unsuccessful this spring planting beans. Out of all plants green beans, that is how I embarked into 2016 gardening. I planted about three to four packages of green and wax beans and still have not harvested nor cooked a single green bean from our garden. 

This year I dug out few plants from my compost and as usual, they were wines. At first with no clue what they are going to be I nursed them with love and care and off I went to hurt myself to another country. 

Later found out of three wines I have planted, they have been producing butternut squash. We have harvested total of five squashes and shared them with neighbors, co-workers, and there is still more to harvest.  

Kale seems to be doing great this year, our first crop of broccoli was delicious with stir-fried pork. The children and the husband loved it! I have been gathering kale, beet tops, Swiss chard, and New-Zealand spinach often this summer. We also pulled a couple of beets, picked few cucumbers. 

Our Garlic harvest was tiny, but individual bulbs were fleshy. We also add another raised bed to our small backyard, and I planted eight eggplants. Out of eight four are Italian while other an Asian variety. So we have been blessed with eggplants. As of chillies, I planted four plants of green peppers and this summer I have not bought green chillies to cook! There is also this unlimited supply of herbs such as; sage, thyme, flat parsley, basil, fennel, cilantro, and mint. 

The tomatoes have been the queen of the crop this season; I think mainly to the lack of rain and the heat they have been just producing pounds and pounds of tomatoes. I want to say I have harvested more than fifty and made sauces out of it. Chickens are laying but not on a regular basis, but we have had eight eggs few days this summer, and we are not complaining. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

This Summer has been a Summer that I won't forget for many reasons. Tearing my Achilles Tendon while many miles away from home has been a life experience. Study abroad has given me an opportunity to become a planner and thus understand those tedious plans never work the way it supposed to be. Yes, It was a hard lesson to learn! I travelled to Manchester, United Kingdom this summer alone mainly to study but came home on an air-boot with crutches! 

Learned to heal, and that is not easy for someone who always wants to be on the go. I didn't mean that in a bad way. I like to be independent and to do things by myself. I couldn't take a shower; I had to rethink every little thing. I did to the point, how to get into a vehicle with crutches. Then the bad ugly happened I re-ruptured my ankle during the process of healing. It was hard to stay cool wearing a boot in the mid-August. I don't know how I did it, but I did it!

I am in a bit of a happy place; I am on my way to recovery. To be exactly the third stage. I took the inserts out, and I am walking without crutches, and that is a huge success! I am getting some of my school work done, I have got two incompletes this Summer and that is my first. I am glad that each night I get to work a bit on my papers and past due homework. 

On the other hand, I still reap some benefits of over planning such as planned meals. Prepared meals have become a life saver when it comes to dinner!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Visitng Sol Lewitt's Work

This was a trip we made in February, we went to western mass and I fell in love with the Berkshires. What a lovely place to visit. I have block my calandar to visit the MassMoca. I enjoyed this installation by Sol Lewitt. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Is it worth making Jewelery @ home?

I lost my favorite store due to recessions. Then altogether I gave up shopping and then I began working this year. I love getting acessories, I am conscious about my purchases and try to refrain from unnecessary purchases. A close college recommended me another store for clothing.

I found my self visiting couple of times at this store and I felt I really don’t need acessories. I would like to simply some of my clothes and acessories. It has always been a challenge! I take the road to make something pretty at home and it is fun to wear something I have made at home. 

And then, when you tally up the time, energy, money, and creativity is it worth? Well, I was in bit of a pickle when I was considering to buy these but I ended up buying them anyway. Conclusion at the moment due to timing I think It is much economical to buy acessories. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Mighty Nest - a greener home

I have had a chance to read few articles about greener living. Which, I enjoy and it helps me making healthy choices for myself and my family! Might Nest has been in my list for couple of years now and this year I decided to do a simple subscription for us. Despite the fact that we get something new from mail every month, it is very helpful to gain insight to new healthy and greener products. 

When I am traveling I am conscious to take my water bottle with me so I can refill. Most places have water fountains I can refill and cut down buying plastic bottles. It came with a lovely card how to defuse drinking water with herbs and many more other options. This has lead me to take a cup to the coffee shop and if I don’t have my cup altogether I opt out going to the coffee shop. 

The next product was bees wax food wrapping cloths. They were super nice and I don't use plastic wraps to wrap a sandwich or other food. I had to get use to it, again it is a conscious decision. 

For the month of March I received a set of cloth towels. Super absorbent I can use them instead of paper towels. I place a little bucket under my sink and throw them in there and add them to my laundry. I can reuse it again and again! 

I personally use a cloth napkin and a placemat when I pack my lunch again there is no paper napkins. 

These are tiny steps to make a greener Earth and they add up during the course of a day and a year! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

International Day - Boston

We have started a new thing. Well, I can’t say this is entirely new but we are going to try our best to go to a new restaurant each month. Mainly to try food from another country. Why because this could lead to explorations since we have a seven year old and an eighteen year old! Technically the oldest is an adult at this point. So this mainly for the younger one who is so picky. Older one is beginning to appreciate the food and the culture. 

So for the month of february we went to a restaurant which offers food from Afghanistan! We were into a lovely surprise. It all began with serving a thin bread with a choice of sauces.  We all ordered different food and shared few along the way as well. I ordered rice and a vegetable dish. Others ordered rice with meat. The staple food seems to be bread and rice which is mostly typical to this area. We enjoyed our first endeavor of trying different food from another culture!

What caught my eye at the restaurant is the artifacts. They were displayed beautifully and was blended well with the inside decor.  

Monday, March 28, 2016

Making Tea at work!

I am working this year and that’s mean making materials as well. That is the ugly and the fun part of my work! On the other hand I get to introduce whatever I want as long as it fits the pedagogy parameters. 

One of the staff members in our school has introduce tea making to this community. I fell in love with it and I wonder why? Well, some of you who knows me well; knows that I love tea so I guess it just worked for me. 

The flip side of this is I had to find everything, and then of course something is always missing and this teacher who was so nice and helpful offered one of her extra aprons for me. I know I owe her very much. I need to get my act together and sew some aprons soon. I will soon and I promise. Because she shared this awesome idea how to make them as well. I also feels like I am growing in this school. Learning, making, and presenting all happening at the same time. Makes me ten years younger!  We will just assume that for at least my sanity. 

I found this local thrift store thanks to my neighbor. It has been my life saver yes, literary it has been my life saver. I found all these at the thrift store and children has been in my room pouring, seeping, sipping, and repeating all these steps with joy!

I am seriously considering writing about this; how to make tea. I have become more of a herbal tea drinker. Which, I have come to love and enjoy. My next project will be how to make herbal tea at home. This was just one project I have assemble together at work. I am extremely happy with this one!  

The list consists of :
1 tea pot
2 small spoons one for serving sugar and the other for string 
1 small jar
1 small bowl
1 tray porcelen
2 place mats
2 napkin rings
2 cups
2 saucers
1 tray for carrying the tea pot if the child feels too warm
1 apron (others know the activity is not available for another)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pumpkin Waffles...

It’s a tradition at our house to make pumpkin waffles in the fall. I guess that is the best time to make everything possible with pumpkins. This is an old picture I had in my collection. I believe I have taken this to publish but never get to work on it. 

Bad thing about this post is it is all most time for fall. I know I know it is spring then it will be summer and then fall. Well, I am glad I get to publish before the fall season. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tree House...

We never get to officially open our tree house. Hopefully this summer, we might have to pick a day to have a little house warming party. I managed to spend couple of days up there to finish my some work. It is truly amazing to work outside. I love hearing the bird callings, dapple sun, watching darting birds from in and out of nests they have build to raise their young. 
I was equally motivated and distracted to finish my work. I am glad that Fall semester is over!

We have officially finished our tree house; perhaps we need to add few add ons such as lights and a comfy seating area. The best thing about this tree house is the chicken coop is right below the tree house. 

Which allow us to spend more time outside watching our girls running around the yard!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Seven Years

Nicolette’s 7th B’day was in NY. Yes, we planned it that way. Mainly we wanted to spend some quality time together as a family. Niegel is off to college next year and probably this summer will be crazy him getting ready to go to college. Our trip to NY all worked up being OK at the end.

We reached NY by mid afternoon almost time for lunch. Everyone enjoyed a mixture of Chinese and Vietnamese food. Nicolette learned to eat spring rolls wrapped in herbs with lettuce and she liked it. Dipping the whole mess in the fish sauce was a bit tricky but she tried it at the end. 

There is always so much to do and see in NY. I loved the decorations and store fronts. 

Nicolette had a blast waking up to see her goody bags while Niegel ran in the central park. We joined him and headed to the MFA and it was a treat. 

Of course with many choices on food we decided to enjoy a well known Indian food buffet in Jackson Heights, NY. 

Then we visited family to head home. It was a long drive back home but glad we did and planned all this and to spend few more days at home catching up. Mainly to do fun things we always craved such as reading, knitting, stocking, reading, watching TV, and sleeping.