Monday, December 28, 2015


It is so far the busiest year for ALL of us, but in a good way. I completed two studio classes while working full time  I would not do that again, I mean taking two studio classes together. I was at the Dr.’s office more than four times. 

I did two surgeries hopefully all taken care of. I went to a reunion and had a great time with friends. If you have not attended a one I highly recommend it. My oldest became a senior at high school and yes we went through the process of college applications. He did an AWSOME job getting everything together of course with reminders and I am happy for him. 

Little one  started the first grade and went through a learning curve. She survived and did a wonderful performance at school for holidays. 

I am teaching this year and loving it! It is WORK but I love the group of children and the staff I get to work with everyday. 

I wish I blogged more but I simply could not. I learned that I do have to put things away and this was one of those I had to place on hold. I am working on getting back on it.