Wednesday, March 30, 2016

International Day - Boston

We have started a new thing. Well, I can’t say this is entirely new but we are going to try our best to go to a new restaurant each month. Mainly to try food from another country. Why because this could lead to explorations since we have a seven year old and an eighteen year old! Technically the oldest is an adult at this point. So this mainly for the younger one who is so picky. Older one is beginning to appreciate the food and the culture. 

So for the month of february we went to a restaurant which offers food from Afghanistan! We were into a lovely surprise. It all began with serving a thin bread with a choice of sauces.  We all ordered different food and shared few along the way as well. I ordered rice and a vegetable dish. Others ordered rice with meat. The staple food seems to be bread and rice which is mostly typical to this area. We enjoyed our first endeavor of trying different food from another culture!

What caught my eye at the restaurant is the artifacts. They were displayed beautifully and was blended well with the inside decor.  

Monday, March 28, 2016

Making Tea at work!

I am working this year and that’s mean making materials as well. That is the ugly and the fun part of my work! On the other hand I get to introduce whatever I want as long as it fits the pedagogy parameters. 

One of the staff members in our school has introduce tea making to this community. I fell in love with it and I wonder why? Well, some of you who knows me well; knows that I love tea so I guess it just worked for me. 

The flip side of this is I had to find everything, and then of course something is always missing and this teacher who was so nice and helpful offered one of her extra aprons for me. I know I owe her very much. I need to get my act together and sew some aprons soon. I will soon and I promise. Because she shared this awesome idea how to make them as well. I also feels like I am growing in this school. Learning, making, and presenting all happening at the same time. Makes me ten years younger!  We will just assume that for at least my sanity. 

I found this local thrift store thanks to my neighbor. It has been my life saver yes, literary it has been my life saver. I found all these at the thrift store and children has been in my room pouring, seeping, sipping, and repeating all these steps with joy!

I am seriously considering writing about this; how to make tea. I have become more of a herbal tea drinker. Which, I have come to love and enjoy. My next project will be how to make herbal tea at home. This was just one project I have assemble together at work. I am extremely happy with this one!  

The list consists of :
1 tea pot
2 small spoons one for serving sugar and the other for string 
1 small jar
1 small bowl
1 tray porcelen
2 place mats
2 napkin rings
2 cups
2 saucers
1 tray for carrying the tea pot if the child feels too warm
1 apron (others know the activity is not available for another)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pumpkin Waffles...

It’s a tradition at our house to make pumpkin waffles in the fall. I guess that is the best time to make everything possible with pumpkins. This is an old picture I had in my collection. I believe I have taken this to publish but never get to work on it. 

Bad thing about this post is it is all most time for fall. I know I know it is spring then it will be summer and then fall. Well, I am glad I get to publish before the fall season. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tree House...

We never get to officially open our tree house. Hopefully this summer, we might have to pick a day to have a little house warming party. I managed to spend couple of days up there to finish my some work. It is truly amazing to work outside. I love hearing the bird callings, dapple sun, watching darting birds from in and out of nests they have build to raise their young. 
I was equally motivated and distracted to finish my work. I am glad that Fall semester is over!

We have officially finished our tree house; perhaps we need to add few add ons such as lights and a comfy seating area. The best thing about this tree house is the chicken coop is right below the tree house. 

Which allow us to spend more time outside watching our girls running around the yard!