Thursday, August 8, 2013

DIY Self Fire Pit for Less ...


I have been bit busy working in my yard with my son. We inherited couple of old trees with our home. We had to take few off with much reluctant. However,the ones we have will drop few dead branches in our yard. We have been collecting them in few piles behind the pantry and mainly behind the garage. I decided to make a fire pit mainly to burn the few branches we collect, could add a little bit of ash to raise bed to improve/condition soil, same goes to the compost to improve conditions, for us to hang out by the fire, and mostly to toast marshmallows in FALL! Bit of camping in our own backyard.

Of course safety first! Nicolette is young we have gone through many rules when we have fire at camp sites. Same rules works at home when the fire is lit we sit around and no running in the yard. 

The Total cost for the project not including labor was $ 88.81 this does not include the gravel and the edging because we had those items at home from another project. Few trips to Home Depot was all it took. I cannot wait till Fall! Extra bonus yard getting clean up from debris! Which will lead to few more projects, later on those. 


  1. This looks beautiful.. very crafty.. Instead of spending money to buy one, its fun to make one. Great idea :) Thanks for the tip :)

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    1. I meant to say it was a neat project, not net, typo...

  3. Great job on this fire pit!
    Shashi @

  4. Thank you, we still have few things to address like getting the edge all nail down and finish up...