Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blanket # 4

I bought this fabric because I wanted to make this quilt without joining any fabrics and use only 1 piece. I choose a fabric with big flowers on so I can quilt around the flowers. I got this idea from a book I wish I can remember but unfortunately I cannot.

I do want to write a little about this fabric while we were in vacation in England, Liverpool. I wanted to go to a fabric store to look around and I bought this fabric over there. It was a very small shop not much choices as in a local fabric store. I want to bring something to remember the trip. With their metric system I bought 1 meter instead of a yard and it worked great for a small blanket for my little one.

Fun factor is this not going to be a winter blanket it’s almost like a spring/summer blanket it is very light in weight but works great with my intentions. Loved the big flowers it was great for quilting but it was a lot of quilting very easy blanket to make.
In total for less than $15.00 it was great blanket.

Quote of the day “impose deadlines for every project you do”


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