Thursday, September 2, 2010

Get your little munchkin to open up for VEGETABLES…

I love cooking… let me word it this way I enjoy cooking for my family. I take time and put every effort to get them a wholesome and a healthy meal. I think in generally all of us try to do the best we can.

My older one is shedding his bad habits and incorporating good habits. Because we all make mistakes in aiding our kids to grow, making good decisions at one point or other. I do admit I have done a lot with my older one. So I take these lessons seriously and try to correct and improve. I use to feed my older child, let him sleep with us, let him watch TV while feeding you name it Yes, I have done all.

But good thing is I know BETTER now. I am happy little one is independent. Some time just having a sibling can influence so much in so many ways. I have seen this many times. Some occasions blueberries were grouse to my older one but not anymore. His little sister can have ½ pint for LUCH so he wants to GIVE a try… I like that WORD and he did now he enjoys them as much as she does.

But sometimes she can have her own personality and will not get anything close to her mouth if it is green. I have no idea how this happen… but I am pushing every single day to get her to try green vegetables.

She loves rice so I made this simple recipe out of leftover rice. I steamed rice, broccoli, and corn together when you steamed cooked rice it becomes very soft. Then I cut up 1 bell pepper (into small bit size pieces), and onions. At this point if your little one is eating eggs you can break 1-2 eggs to the pan and scramble it with onions and pepper.
I cut up some cooked sausage or any kind of meat and set aside. Sautéed the onions and bell pepper until soft add steamed corn and broccoli cut broccoli into real small pieces but still can figure out its broccoli. I like to keep the natural shape. Add meat at this point.

Finally add rice and mix thoroughly, add salt and pepper to taste top it off with grated cheese add a little texture. I did used butter to sautéed vegetables.

Did she like it? Yes, She loved it...

Quote of the day “make your own holiday cards”


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