Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blanket # 3

I started this flannel to quilt when my little one was kicking in my tummy. She is going to be almost 2 this December. I finally finished quilting and assembling it together and will be ready for this WINTER. She is a lucky cookie this winter going to be all warm and cozy. This was a real easy pattern to follow through and was able to finish very fast I even made her a Topponcino cover from flannel since she was a winter baby. And it was very soft and we loved all shades of lavender.I cannot remember the name of this pattern. Since I have finished this top way back… Since it was a flannel material I didn’t want to use the bulky or thin batting at all and was thinking something will come along…

I got this cloth from the hospital when I went for a surgery while ago. I would use it cove myself on a cold day and it was sitting around I used that instead of a batting it worked perfectly. It is not a supper bulky and will keep her warm on those cold nights. That’s what matter at the end. I wanted to thank my friend who taught me to do bias cutting and making a beautiful edge to it.I finally did it.

I really loved how it turned up it is quiet a big blanket but will keep her tiny body warm. I hope it will wash up good for the years to come.
I have blog about this top before and was planning to finish this summer and I did it. When I was thinking what to quilt on top my friend suggested how about hearts; and she gave me a bunch of cookie cutter that descending in size… I came home and was thinking how to incorporate these hearts and finally came up with my own design… So I quilted all my love to this blanket…

Quote of the day “be polite under pressure”


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