Monday, September 6, 2010

Art Supplies on the go…

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We love exploring and traveling alot and that’s the best gift you can offer to your kids. When they are growing up. I do remember the limited vacations I have enjoyed with my parents and family friends those are the good memories I cherish every moment when I think of my childhood.

But, I do remember the boring long rides we did when we visit family out of town. I see my kids falling into deep naps which are OK, sometimes but I do want them to take note of the beautiful trees, streams, lakes and beaches and record them as much as they can. I was browsing through the blogs and came to know about this cool project from, I couldn’t wait to try it. So I got my hands busy and it was the correct timing because I have had enough practice from bias cutting and attaching edging. This was a one more project to incorporate my newly acquired talent ha… ha… thanks to BETH.

This was a real cool gift for your kids on any occasion. I am planning to do some for my friends and family this coming holiday season. My little one has already fell in love with this and I am working on another for my older one… you can visit the above blog to get all step by step instructions…

All you need is felt fabric, your choice of printed fabric, bias, buttons, and ribbons I did add some changers’ and add my personality to it but kept her original idea… Thank you very much for sharing it with everyone.

Quote of the Day “when you stop blaming others, you regain your sense of personal power”


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