Friday, September 3, 2010

Blanket # 6

This is once again I piece blanket with a thicker batting and a very BOLD print with a lot of PINK. Yes this material calls and possessed all the GIRLY genies. Bought it from the local fabric store and quilted around the flowers. I loved how it turned out.

Fun part with this fabric was it has a companion material. This was the very first time I have worked with companion materials. This is not a very heavy blanket but it will keep our little one warm this winter.

I did use a heavy batting for this to get a more quilted look. I have quilted almost every flower in this blanket. Since I am getting good at creating these blankets I might make some for holiday season as GIFTS.
I think it would be great to pair up a book and blanket with a toy. Would be a great gift for a budding toddler… I hope I will have enough time to make some this winter as GIFTS.

Quote of the day “learn the art of being silly”


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