Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blanket # 5

This is a very cozy and a toasty blanket. I bought the fleece from the remnant section so it was 50% off of the regular price. It was a good bargain I didn’t want to miss… and flannel was 40% off I bought 1 ¼ yard of printed fabric I wish I bought 1 ½ yard instead because when you wash them they tend to shrink. Well what was cut was cut and worked with what I had. Made a note not to buy a 1 ¼ yard again because it’s too small for a blanket for a toddler who is hitting very often in her growth spurs…

This was real simple and easy blanket… to assemble cut the fabric into squares or rectangles and place the wrong sides together. Use yarn with a tapestry needle and tie both fabrics randomly or follow the fabric pattern cut yarn leaving 1 inch.

Cut bias and sew the edge’s; I used broad cloth and it came out really cute. I did explore some other colors and used blue since she has too many pink blankets. It reminds me of English roses I wish I had some extra fabric to make a pillow case or a cute pillow to go with it that’s going to be another set of projects…

I had so much fun creating these blankets… I hope my little one enjoys them as much as I did…

If you are up to make a bunch of blankets go for it… it will sew up in no time… worth the effort.

Quote of the day “allow children to take risks and get dirty”


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