Thursday, September 2, 2010

Make Routines and Stick to Them…

I wanted to blog on this I couldn’t resist watching my little ones play time in the bath. I bought these stacking cups from IKEA last year when she turned a year they were really cool different in colors and dimensions… she would drink out of these cups put them on her head goof around…

Recently I noticed she is placing them on the edge of the bath tub randomly not in any particular order. Fun part was watching her prices movements placing them on the edge some time she misses it and it lands on floor but continues to place them on. I enjoy watching this every day. Our routine is brushing teeth by herself in the tub then shampooing hair and playing with toys.

She does not have many toys but she does enjoy her simple toys very much… and I love to watch her play in the tub…
Now does she get upset without the routines: Yes, sometime but she moves on… that’s GREAT thing about KIDS. I personally love our bath time routine it relaxes everyone.

Quote of the day “talk with a lonely child”


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