Saturday, September 4, 2010

Big brother & Little Sister…

Being stuck inside and watching rain and wind from the storm everyone was feeling tired and bored. Big brother and sister was having fun performing shooting games and following each other after while they didn’t want to do anything.

Since I always find projects to keep my mind and hand busy… I can always find something to do under any kind of weather. Only thing I have to worry is that I am getting their food on time. I am kidding…

I suggested how about water colors the possibilities are endless… is it messy …yes, was it FUN absolutely. I would not change to another medium of color over water colors. I can see and hear my older child getting very frustrated with my daughter but it was fun to watch them share and paint to make something very creative.

Express their feeling through art is AMAZING…

Quote of the day “replace some of the processed foods you eat with simpler, fresher, more natural food”


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