Friday, September 27, 2013

saturday lunch

After the art festival we went to Panera to have a quick lunch. It was not a quick lunch. I forget that Nicolette does not eat as much the appetite that she shows towards the food.   She still eat from her eyes, I still wanted her to have a girl’s out day. She had fun from morning till dinner,  this little girl could dine out an entire day. 

We will be cooking a lot on Sunday for the week just to catch up alll the food we consumed on Saturday. Including Sunday meals as well. No more eating out. 

I had a chocolate pastry, french onion soup, pasta with pesto, and a green tea.I love the portions, they were small but not ity bity portions.  


  1. That is about my perfect lunch--so yummy looking!

  2. It was the time we spent together was so neat...