Monday, September 23, 2013

weekend activity...

I woke up on Saturday knowing Nicolette and myself will be going to spend a lot of time together as the boys have left home for activities. Niegel was gone camping and hubby was gone for a class. I try to sleep in and that did not work because I woke up as hubby was getting ready to go to class. I needed to get the grocery, and had a long list of errands to get done. This lead to not a chance to get back to sleep.  

I could not resist Nicolette’s urge to get donuts for breakfast and feed the ducks. First thing first, we decided to head towards the pond to feed the ducks. She was happy to run along the road to feed the ducks. We both stroll along the sidewalk to feed the ducks! It was a fun event! 

Duck population have grown from my last visit to the pond. We fed them two loafs of bread. Nicolette practice her throwing skills as well. I was afraid that the ducks would attack us to get access to the brown bag. 

No matter how far we threw the bread pieces ducks, worked really hard to get closer to the brown bag. I was afraid that ducks might peck us too see if we were edible. I guess that may be the duck's nature to get closer to the food source. On our way back we could not help notice some of the later summer blooms.


  1. Sounds like a nice morning! I miss our ducks (but not their mess).

  2. I know they could be messy but cute at the same time...