Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Art Festival at Mansfield Commons

This local event in town, was worth waking up early on a Saturday morning. There was this feeling of excitment was taking over me, and  after a long time because, I was looking forward to go to this festival. I have been secretly planning to attain this eventfor past few weeks. It was a bonus that guys were out of the house because this was my kind of FUN activity. 

Nicolette was excited to see the moon bounce even though she did not get to participate because we were super early. Vendors were getting their morning coffee and setting their booths while catching up with fellow vendors, chit chatting, and greeting the early morning visitors. 

Ironically we were in the early morning crowd. I guess it was pure excitement. We peeked into some of the booths, pet few dogs, we were greeted by people who were setting the whole exhibition. 

I love the children’s art work and I secretly wished for my son to participate in the exhibition but, I know this is not his cup of tea at least for right now but who knows. I was  tingled to walk among the middle school and high school entries not many but there were few that took my breath away!

I did like the adult entry’s, it was a nice mixture from photography, acrylic paintings, and water colors. The music was good to listen. I assumed they were high schoolers but they performed neat songs! 

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