Monday, September 16, 2013

Apple picking...

This year we have been picking our fruits with kids it started as blueberry picking now that we are in to Fall we are still picking. This is a new experience for us and for our kids. It was fun to use all these produce in jams and jellies and to get them involve in the process. 

One of my co- workers mentioned a farm about pick your own apples and I asked Little Nicolette if she would like to go. Her instant reply was a yes. 

After lunch we decided to head over to the farm to pick our own apples. Line to get in was way too long it has to do something  with the timing. Many families were trying to get in before they close for the day which was by four that was my feeling. 

The line was moving to the pace of a tortoise we figure out to go with the flow. Observations around the neighborhood which leads to the farm grounds was interesting to name few neighbors had chicken coops in their yards and even signs for bunnies for sale. Both our kids were fast a sleep from the ride even though it was only less than half an hour. The price for pick your own apples was a bit too high comparing to the supermarket. One from the line was complaining it was a rip off! 

However, if you work in numbers, there was no parking fees, and ten pounds for $22.00, I do not know what to say. We were not offered apple cider nor donuts. It was way too busy and too many people in the orchard. I had no idea what kind of apples we have picked but we have ten pounds of them. They are bit sour, sweet, and juicy!


  1. I love apple picking. I"m hoping we're going to be able to go next weekend!

  2. This was my first time apple picking, I have visitied an apple orchard before but not gone picking. This was the official apple picking I had so much FUN and wish we spent more time.

  3. Beautiful pictures Sharmila! Cannot wait to see what you do with the 10 lbs of apples :)

  4. We go apple picking every year and make apple pie together with my sister in law and mother in law. Between all the three of us, work load is not too bad and we end up making at least 20 pies :) May be you should do that too... now that you have 10 lbs of apples :)

  5. I do not know how you guys to 20 pies... I will have to make something...