Thursday, September 12, 2013

Late summer garden - harvest

This years’s late summer crop has been giving us a bit of a joy with the magical butternut squash harvest. We are happy to be outside and watching some of our late summer crop. We still have not yet enjoy our butter beans. Now we know that we need to get them in the ground very early. I should mark my calendar on that event. Planting beans early.

We still have an awful lot of green tomatoes my guess is hopefully they will ripe before frost if not I may have to find few recipes to work with green tomatoes. Basis keeps giving up every day more new growth I need to start my lunch pasta salad before it is all gone. 

Butternut squash have been giving its harvest. I harvested my very first butternut squash this weekend.  It is possible that I might do a whole one entry on my butternut squash one of this days. 

Speaking of it I did harvest the tips of this beautiful vine.  In Sri Lanka, some people will cook pumpkin vines with dhal as a curry. I initially tried when my aunt made it at her house. 

I am very determined to make it happen. I did had a lot in my plate this last Sunday before the full swing of back to school. I will write a post on this lovely butternut squash vine and its harvest!


  1. I see you're putting your cute new basket to good use!

  2. ha... ha.. yes, you are right. many times from my trip to the craft store I wanted to buy a basket but I am glad that I did not becase, you never know what you get from a garage sale...