Wednesday, September 4, 2013

simple dinner for less...

We easterners during Summer get a great break in seafood. I am talking about lobsters. They were on sale so inexpensive the store had to limit the numbers to their customers, so it was fare I guess for every one. I bought a couple of ponds. 

I usually steam, shell, and use them in pastas. I have not got my hands arounds to make a lobster sandwiches or otherwise known as rolls in New England yet. 

We had these guys for dinner, It is hard for me to give up seafood but my goal is for next year is no to LOBSTER!

Probably this is the last Summer I am having them! How do you make your lobsters?


  1. Lobsters here are very expensive. I haven't seen them going for a huge sale in any season. I love lobsters, and I could eat it in very many ways. As long as it is a lobster, I would eat them. :)

  2. They were at my local super market for 2.99 a pound, I could not pass on that