Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yard Sale - scores

Past weekend was the neighborhood yard sale. As I was heading towards the Y for my yoga classes. I could not help noticing the early buzz around the block. I scored few things from our neighborhood garage/yard sale. 

A beautiful vase, which I am looking forward to place some branches this fall. A brand new small rotary cutter in its original package and not even open. Two books to keep me company whenever I get a chance to read something fun! A beautiful wire/metal basket to hold eggs, or simply the garden bounty for us. 

At work by my sink in the classroom needed a bit of a lift. I am always looking ways to keep it clean, and organized for little ones. I had few plates that had interesting art work I would like to hang them but I did not have any of those neat plate wall brackets and I was able score one from our neighborhood yard sale. Final iteam was three (small, medium, and large) palm leaf pouches to store neat iteams, which I am sure I can find plenty at my sewing table!

All this goodies end up in a grand total of only $ 4.25 not too bad on neighborhood yard sales!


  1. Well, that is indeed a score! Good for you! You have such an eye for good things :)

    1. Thak you, but I was really looking for things that I needed but was hesitant to pay the full price...

  2. Oh, I love that basket! Those are always my favorite finds.