Thursday, September 5, 2013

Farm Play Area for Kids

I was in a hunt for raspberries but I could not get any from our local farm. The trip to the farm was a bit disappointing but while our way back little Nicolette was pulling my hand towards the playground. Niegel took the initiative to take her towards swings while I return the empty boxes to the farm store for credit.

Retuning to the playground Nicolette was up on the swings. I liked how the big tractor tires were buried into the grounds for kids to hop from one to one. It was a great obstacle course for kids. 

Niegel of course guiding her with high goals as not to touch them as she jump on was a bit challenge. A little bit of guidance, encouragement, and holding hands was all she needed to move through this obstacle course!


  1. Nicolette is so adorable! Looks like she had a fun time at the farm :)

  2. Yes, she did we all had a great time!