Thursday, September 1, 2011

Recycle or Re-use…

We hand one major project accomplished this summer was pouring cement in our dirt basement. We dug out a lot of dirt actually landscaping sand and stones. I wanted to reuse the stones so in the back yard I created a stone edge to plant a yellow garden. Why did I decide to go with a yellow garden? I wanted to save the existing forsythia bushes. They were out of control we did cut them back as much as we can. They seem to be doing well I want to cut them back more before fall.

So for this existing almost like a private fence I decided to add more yellow. So this fall we will be planting more daffodils mainly yellow with some white.

Last year I bought some bulbs to plant with my daughter at the apartment I did not had much success one reason was bulbs were not getting much sun. This year I am delighted to plant the bulbs with my whole family on my acclaimed stone edge garden.

What can be more beautiful than daffodils in this a century old stone edge garden?

Quote of the day “leave a surprise flower basket at some ones door”


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