Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pillow Covers made at Home...

I was very much motivated to make some pillow cases after browsing through the bed and bath catalogue, fall 2011. It inspired me to make these beautiful European style pillow covers for a fraction of the cost. I now owned these beautiful pillow cases and not only that I got the practice to make my own pillow cases which I enjoy very much…

Luckily the Waverly fabric was on sale at the fabric store for half of the original price but its getter better with another coupon entire purchase 20% off. So I was able to find a fabric close to the fabric I was looking. I felt like I almost hit the jackpot. I know this sounds crazy but I was not willing to pay $49.00 for two slandered size pillow cases with shipping and handling…
Little Nicolette has been sleeping without pillow cases for a while she has no clue about the pillow cases. I wanted to complete her bedding as she is getting older and phasing out her crib sheets this means I also need to make some full size quilts…

I have no idea how she got so big partially we are to blame offering her a full size bed instead of a toddler bed. Well we cannot keep changing our furniture we do not have an official guest bedroom yet in out new old house.

After measuring her pillows I made these two cute pillow cases from a badge fabric. Funny thing is fabric has some texture I hope she will get use to it if not we turn the pillow other side because the texture is only on one side. I love it and little Nicolette LOVES it…

Quote of the day ‘ask what action you can take to get yourself to your goal’



  1. Great pillowcases, and good for you for refusing to pay too much for pre-made ones!

  2. I've sewn since I was a little girl and I remember in high school going to high end department stores and making mental notes of the dresses I liked on mannequins and then finding patterns close to them so I could try to sew something similar myself. I certainly couldn't afford them and my parents didn't buy expensive things like that for us. So I totally relate to what you're saying here. Creativity can take us a long way down the road to what we like. Your pillowcase are so elegant and beautiful! Great job.

  3. Wow, I am REALLY impressed and they are beautiful too. :)

  4. We made flannel, Christmasy pillowcases for our family ... so fun to pull out this time of year!

    Enjoy your SITS day!

  5. Those are beautiful! A tutorial on how you make things like this would be great since some people, like myself, are not good at this sort of thing. Hope you are enjoying your SITS day!

  6. Beautiful pillowcases! Happy SITS Day!

  7. Those look straight out of a magazine. Great idea!

    ~Visiting from SITS

  8. These are so beautiful! I have tried making pillow cases and they aren't as detailed yet!
    Thank you for sharing!