Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Remembering 9/11

Well, it took me some time to collect my thoughts to write about this topic. I usually don’t like to write about current events in my blog because this blog is about me. However when I think about this evil act I was in contact with people who were directly affected by this in the Greater Washington area. I was a Montessori teacher teaching in the greater Washington area. I had a kid in my classroom whose dad was working in the Pentagon. All the kids were being picked up from school due to the state of emergency. We had very few kids who were not being picked up. One of them was my student.

The school personnel’s were very concerned about the families. When mom came to pick up her son/my student she was obviously very upset. I did the best to console her she mention to me and the school authority her son would not be attending the school for some time.
My son was just three years old and he was in the same school that I was teaching I picked him up and drove home very disturbed and with mixed feelings. We came home and I was glued to the T.V. for a very long time until I could not take it anymore. I do remember taking couple of aspirins that day to ease myself from a not going away headache.
When I got back to school all my Kindergarteners was talking about this evil act. I remember one kid saying that “--- ----- has attacked us, they were terrorist who flew in to twin towers” they drew pictures, wrote in their journals, used the moveable alphabet to write stories about the twin towers, used the sensorial materials to built the twin towers, we offered moments of silence, I let them talk about events that has directly affected their families, we baked cookies for the fire fighters, we wrote letters for the soldiers who were deployed to the war….

And after ten years I watched my son crying… past week watching the History channel about 9/11. He is thirteen, he understands now. He can bring the memory back that he and I watched many times what happened 10 years ago. We talked about this what he felt about this now…

He participated in a flag ceremony at the Mansfield airport hosted by his troop, BSA.
Yes, we will remember 9/11. I was born and raised in Sri Lanka, but we call US our home our Kids are born here in US and this is our home. I will remember 9/11 forever…

Quote of the day 'initiate a program of social reform'


  1. Beautiful post and beautiful way to collect your thoughts. It definitely deserves this space on your blog.

  2. Thank you... I felt good about it...