Friday, September 16, 2011

Purple and Blue Garden…

Yes, I created a purple garden on the East side of our home. We get so much morning light so I decided to create a purple garden just enough to highlight the features of our old windows which I love very much. I have added three shades of butterfly bushes one is a hybrid version which means it will not grow tall so much. I have seen even yellow butterfly bushes at Lowes this summer amazing.

My neighbor has a white butter fly bush. I have also added purple cone flower, Russian sage, salvia, iris, lavender, sedum (purple) and ornamental grass. I can’t wait to see how they are going to grow and fill in the spaces.

Currently I am watering them twice a week for the new plants to establish the new root growth.
My goal was to plant a less watering flowering patch. I hope I have achieved this goal by selecting these plants. I do not want to add any plants that need regular watering because I am big on conserving water.

I inherited some beautiful pink Rhododendron with my new old house. This pretty pink plant was somehow incorporated to the east side garden. I wanted to mellow it down. I added a hydrangea with pink and white flowers. I planted two ornamental grasses with a low height/growing evergreen. I still want to add more purple and hues of blue into this corner. This is a work in progress but my purple and blue garden is coming together finally.

Quote of the day ‘stay fresh’



  1. So lovely ... have you considered adding lavender? That's one of my favorite in my garden.

    Visiting from SITS :)

  2. Hi Morgan Matter of fact I have added two bushes to my garden they are very oung and I can't wait to see them grow... and thank you for your lovely commets...